Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, July 10, 2006

a baby Brittany... :)

You'll have to excuse my long absence, but it's been a busy week. Last week, I was in Lewiston to work and take call at TriState for the whole week, which is enough to keep any sane person busy. But I guess I decided I wasn't busy enough because I decided to pick up our new Brittany puppy a week early and just add to the madness! I thought it would be great to get to know her and spend a little time with her, but after I "borrowed" her from the breeder for a few hours, I decided I wasn't ready to give her back just to pick her up the following, I brought her home to my mom's. (Let me just say this here...without the help of my mom and my grandparents, Schatzi would have had some long lonely hours in her new home. So, thanks guys!).

Although it was a crazy week to bring a puppy home, I thought it would be helpful for the two of us to get used to each other before we endured a 9-hr plus car ride home back to Idaho Falls. So, last week, we worked on getting her used to her crate and started the long, arduous process of housebreaking (it's not as easy as the books make it sound!). Schatzi even got a test run for a road trip when she accompanied me to Seattle for Amy & Kevin's anniversary and Tony & Laurel's wedding. She wasn't sure she was going to survive the trip, though...she howled like I was killing her all the way to Washtucna, but after that, she decided maybe she would go ahead and just take a nap. She woke up later and chewed on a Kong (a chew toy filled with puppy chow) and was pleasantly quiet until Seattle. Whoo hoo! Some sort of success with the training.

I apologize in blog will be pretty puppy heavy these next few weeks. That's about all I'm doing these days...oh, and taking a summer class (I ALWAYS seem to forget about THAT!). That's all for now...when you're housebreaking, you are on quite the schedule and I'm about due to let Schatzi out again. Then, we're off to the vet's office for her first shots. :( We'll see how it goes.


Deanna said...

Pictures, pictures, we want pictures! (You can't see me, but I'm banging my fists on my desk as I chant.) Pictures, pictures, we want pictures.

raecatherine said...

hey jen, i sent you some pictures of your cute little puppy you silly girl. puppies grow overnight, so start snapping and uploading away. =)