Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jordan, Montana

Joe and I attended our last wedding of the season last weekend. Theresa, a friend of Anne (the bride), drove from Boise to pick us up in Idaho Falls and the three of us braved the 8 hours across the state of Montana to the little town of Jordan (population about 5oo). Even though it was the first day of fall, the weather felt more like early winter! It was about 45 degrees, rainy, muddy, windy...not the weather Anne and her fiance Eric expected. So, with a few last minute changes, the wedding was moved inside a barn on the fair grounds and a great barn dance was held in the same space for the reception.

It was such a fun weekend. We spent time with old friends, met some new ones, and Joe and I really enjoyed getting away for the weekend. Anne and Eric looked so happy and we loved being a part of the wedding. Theresa was the official photographer, so Joe and I helped with that. I got to hold the reflector since I don't actually have any photography skills. After the wedding, we ate some great roasted pork (Anne works for the Montana pork board), went back to the motel to nap briefly and change into some jeans, and then came back for the barn dance, where we danced the night away (it was either that or freeze!). Our evening was capped off with a spectacular view of the Northern lights.

We're so happy for Anne and Eric. They looked so happy together...we're just sorry they're so far away. :(

Here are some pictures: Anne and Eric, exchanging vows (above); A.T., the ringbearer, taking advantage of the mud (near left); Joe, setting up some pictures...what a great backdrop!(far left); and, Anne, the beautiful bride, trying not to freeze or lose her veil in the wind (below).

Monday, September 18, 2006

I hate computers!

Okay, maybe HATE is a strong word, but I am extremely frustrated right now and wondering why I didn't do something useful with my life, like study computer science so I could fix my own stupid laptop (instead of nursing!).

My life revolves around my computer so much right now since it's a busy time for school and Delmer (my laptop) decides to go ahead and die. It all started Friday when I tried to give him some preventative healthcare by upgrading his Norton Antivirus 2005 to Norton Internet Security 2007. Boy, he didn't like that. Wouldn't install. Couldn't uninstall the 2005. I finally got so frustrated, I put Joe on the project...motivating him with the promise of a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies by the end of the weekend if he could fix it.

Well, it's Monday and there are no cookies in this house. Joe tells me I'm lucky he stuck around after all the frustrating things I made him work on (just kidding...he would never say that, but he had that look about him). So, today, we both called it quits. We are taking Delmer to a professional and hopefully, this guy can fix it so I can just get on with my life. (Interestingly, when I called the computer repair place, they said they'd had a history of problems with Norton before...hhhmmm.).

Until then, I am tied to my desktop (Della II) and not making much progress because she is a bit of a dinosaur computer. (Sigh). Just had to vent.

Friday, September 15, 2006

No longer newlyweds

So, after 3 years of marriage, I think that Joe and I no longer qualify as newlyweds. Good thing we celebrated our anniversary on Sunday because when the big day finally rolled around on Wednesday...we both forgot! Granted, we had a few issues to distract us: Joe's truck's power steering went out the night before and we were scrambling to get me to clinicals (I had to round at the hospital at 6:30am!) and Joe to work and get Schatzi squared away in the midst of it all. It was hardly a romantic morning! In fact, I only realized it was our anniversary AFTER looking at my palm pilot. (Joe only realized after his wonderful family called to wish us a happy anniversary).

After work/clinicals (a 13 hour day for both of us), we decided to celebrate a little by both of us walking Schatzi, so we could get some together time in on our anniversary. Then, Joe made dinner and I crashed on the couch. A few years ago, I would have been horrified to learn this was how we'd spend an anniversary, but now I'm okay with it. Marriage occurs in the context of real life and we have to celebrate our committment in the midst of it...power steering, exhausting days, and dog walking. :)

Here's to a great 4th year!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Montana wedding

I'm having issues posting pictures and have sent off a plea for help to Blogger, so until then, no pictures, just text for my adoring readers. :)

Joe and I went to Paradise, MT this weekend to attend Larenda (my first cousin once removed) Altmiller and Kelly Bennett's wedding. We met up with my grandparents, Amy, Noah, and my mom and rented a cabin together. (Schatzi had her first boarding experience at the Ameripet Hotel in Idaho Falls, which went okay). Larenda & Kelly got married in a field overlooking the Clark Fork River. Their wedding was beautiful (although no mention of God), thoughtful, and was a nice way to kick off the celebration of OUR third wedding anniversary (which is this Wednesday).

After driving home on Sunday, Joe & I decided to take advantage of Schatzi still being boarded and went out for our anniversary date. We got dressed up and ate a delicious dinner at Johnny Carino's, reminiscing over how far we've come since we were truly newlyweds and discussing where we saw our life going in the next few years. Then, home for some relaxing and movie-watching (and a good foot rub from Joe!) and off to bed for some much needed sleep after a full weekend.

I'll try to add pictures of our date and that beautiful bride if I ever get this figured out.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Overworked, underpaid...

That's how I'm feeling these much to do and so little time! And so little money to have fun with. I guess that is the life of a grad student, huh? This week, I started my clinical rotations at the cardiology clinic, have a presentation due Friday, started helping one of my professors with a research project that looks like it will take more time than I committed to, and need to get ready to go to my cousin, Larenda's wedding on Saturday. All that on top of the usual homework, housework, married life, and puppy training. And, I have a cold. What's a girl to do? (Well, whine and moan on her blog, of course!).

On the upside, my clinicals have been great (sure, I've only done one day, butI have a great feeling). My preceptor is very encouraging and empowering. I've gotten to see patients independently and then tell her what I think we should do...and she even told one of the cardiologists that I'm a very smart student! :). So, I feel a bit like a fish out of water when it comes to heart stuff, but more comfortable with myself in the NP role. I felt really good when I caught something important in one particular patient..something that had been missed on TWO previous visits. So, there is hope!

No pictures today, but I'll post a link to the clinical site so you can all see where I'm working these days.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Birthday girls!

So, we're longer two girls in our early twenties. It's quite a milestone, don't you think? Amy, Kevin, Noah, and my mom came down to Idaho Falls so that Amy & I could celebrate our birthday together. It's a pact we made a while ago: we always have to celebrate our birthday together, no matter what. We also made the caveat that whoever had the youngest kids got to stay home while the other twin came to her, but that didn't happen this year because Mom & Kevin wanted an excuse to visit us fun Kaufmans in Idaho Falls.

It was a great week together filled with fun times: putting together childhood photo albums; watching reruns of Project Runway; eating, eating, eating; taking Schatzi and Noah to the park. The week was capped off with a great birthday dinner of grilled chicken with mango salsa, a roasted pepper with carmelized onion salad, and, of course, chocolate birthday cake (no eggs, no milk per Noah's request) garnished with chocolate sauce and bananas. Now, I think I gained at least 5 lbs after that dinner, but it was oh-so-good. How often does one turn 25 anyway?