Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You know it's cold when...

...your husband rips off his fingernail trying to scoop poop in your frozen back yard.

It's true! Joe was picking up dog poop off of our patio. (For those non-dog owners, you turn a plastic bag inside out, put your hand in it to pick up the poop, then turn the bag right side out and the poop ends up on the inside and never touches your hand). Anyway, the poop was frozen solid to the snow and he ripped off his fingernail scooping poop.

Hope it warms up a little soon!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

sick day :(

It was bound to happen sooner or later. After hours and hours working at an urgent care, I've finally gotten sick. My preceptor says he spent his whole first year as an NP fighting off sinusitis, strep throat, various GI bugs until he finally built up his immunity. So, I got some sinus thing and brought it home to Joe and we've been struck down together.

Joe called in sick today and I opted to work from home, so we had a lazy day on the couch together and napped in the afternoon. It was nice having the day together since we've been so much busier this just would be nicer if we weren't sick. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

a new semester...

It's a new semester (my LAST semester!) and as always, the start of the semester brings new things and excitement. Here's a list of new things this week:

1. New job: I started my job as a research assistant last Friday. First project: do a review of the literature, examining strategies to increase diversity in nursing programs and strategies to improve student retention. So far, I'm loving it. It's great experience doing something I enjoy. The benefits: paid tuition, stipend, and a shared office on campus with my own desk, computer, and phone (that's a first for me...nurses in the real world don't often get their own personal workspace).

2. New clinicals: I began 2 different clinical rotations. The first is at Pocatello Family Medicine on ISU's campus. It's nice that it is a teaching clinic with all the resources for students that go along with that. The downside is the drive--40 minutes in good weather, but over an hour in bad weather...and we've had bad weather. The second site is Blackfoot Medical Center, where my preceptor works in both family practice and urgent care. The staff is friendly and supportive, which helps. And, it's only 30 minutes away from home. :)

3. New weather: Brrr...still experiencing the cold snap, but at least there is no more snow. It's the kind of cold that hurts your face and makes mini-icicles in your nose. Today, it's one below zero and I'm still wearing long johns and wool socks. Schatzi did decide, though, to give up on sleeping inside and is back out in the dog house with her heat lamp. I don't get her, but, oh well.

4. New American Idol: Yep, it's a new season. I used to think this show as stupid, but I got sucked into watching it when I worked as a private duty nurse and my patient liked watching the show. This season, a guy I know (Dusty Katzenberger) is supposed to be on the audition portion of the season.

5. New hobby: All of the locals have been telling us that winter goes by a lot faster if you take up a winter sport. So, Joe & I have decided to go snowshoeing more, but also learn how to cross country ski. We're going to a workshop in February to try out this new adventure! The business hosting the workshop is promising us lunch and wine and cheese on the way home, so if the skiing doesn't go well for us, we know the ride home will. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow day...

The high here today is 12 degrees and it's been snowing. This weekend, the high is supposed to be 8 degrees! Joe asked me if I wanted to join him at a pistol match on Saturday, but I said, "No, thanks!"...too cold for me.

Schatzi and I started another round of obedience training and our homework is to work on heeling, so we ventured out in the snow. This morning, it was about 4-5 inches deep, so I put on my snow boots and snow pants to walk her so I wouldn't get cold. I did feel a bit silly, though, as we passed school kids on their way to school, wearing jeans and sweatshirts. I guess I'm not acclimated yet. It was a challenge for Schatzi to heel since she usually loves to dig and bury her face in the snow, smelling around, but she did okay.

My goal is to have Schatzi doing everything perfectly, since I don't really like the instructor of my class and really, really want to show her up. I have a dilemma...I don't like the instructor and the way she teaches, but she does know what she is talking about and has already corrected some of the things I do. I do want a well-behaved dog, but I have to try not to kill the instructor first! :) Oh, well. Only 3 more classes to go and I can handle anything for 3 hours. And, if it turns out that I have a well-behaved dog at the end, I will happily eat my words about the mean instructor.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

new 'do...

Here's a picture of my new haircut. I tried to take the picture with the timer, but it just wasn't working out very well. This is the curly version. I'm trying to straighten it (like Tancie did), but it's been so long since I used my flat iron, I can't find it!

Monday, January 08, 2007

a great holiday...

Wow...what a great holiday break. Joe & I took 2 weeks to go back home to Lewiston and hang out with the fam. We were glad to have time with everyone since we've been feeling a little homesick lately. Here's a quick recap:

Saturday, Dec 23: Jumped in the car in the wee hours of the morning for the 11 hour drive back home. Roads weren't great, but Joe did most of the driving and a few audio books made the drive more entertaining. We spent the night at my grandparents and watched our 2 puppies wrestle the night away. My grandparents are pretty nice to spoiled puppies and my grandma gave those two dogs whipped cream beaters to sample.

Sunday, Dec 24: Christmas Eve at the Kaufman home! Nothing like a 12 year old Jeffrey Kaufman to add some spirit to the holidays with his exuberant present unwrapping!

Monday, Dec 25: Christmas Day at Mom Altmiller's. Mandi, her boyfriend Erik, Grandma & Papa joined us for a quieter celebration. The Kaufmans came over later that evening for some board games. Mom showed surprising improvement and won our game of Dominoes!

Tuesday, Dec 26: Up to Coeur d'Alene to celebrate my Uncle Mark's birthday and have the Cleto family Christmas celebration. Got to see the Jacksons and the Cleto-Doruths. Also, met Julie, the Jacksons' cousin from Australia.

Wednesday, Dec 27: Back in the car and over Snoqualmie Pass to visit Team Eddy. Noah & Schatzi took a new interest in each other, with Schatzi licking Noah's face, but not biting as she did when she was a puppy. It was a crowded, cozy apartment with Joe & me on the air mattress in the living room, which was wedged between the couch (that Mom was sleeping on) and Schatzi's crate at the head of our bed.

Thursday, Dec 28: Amy, Noah, Schatzi and I hung out with Rae & her dog, Sophie. It was our first trip to the dog park and oh-so-much fun! We headed down to Tacoma for a dinner and evening of game-playing with our "Seattle parents", Elton & Mercy.

Friday, Dec 29: Amy & I dumped baby and dog on the boys and went shopping, then met Deanna for lunch and her bump-update (she's growing!). That evening led to a fun dinner party at our "triplet" Natalie's house.

Saturday, Dec 30: Back in the car to go back to Lewiston. Had our annual tradition of a pizza dinner at Fazzari's with the Kaufman family.

Sunday, Dec 31: Whoo! Finally staying in a real bed for more than one night. After bedding down at the Kaufmans' and getting some rest, Joe & Phil took Schatzi on a bird hunt. Then, Phil, Joe, & I headed up to ring in the New Year with DJ (Joe's fraternity brother) and Melissa (my favorite Genesee neighbor) Neuman. Being the DD, I had fun watching all the drunk people light fireworks at each other, but the nurse in me couldn't help but be a little nervous.

Monday, January 1: Mom & I took Schatzi to Spokane to pick up Mom's dog, Moka. While there, Tancie gave me a cute new short cut. I forgot my hair was so curly underneath, so I'm still learning how to style this new mop.

Tuesday, Jan 2: Read "The Dog Whisperer's" book on dog psychology. Not sure if I agree, but am more motivated to get Schatzi more exercise.

Wednesday, Jan 3: Ran errands for Mom: took Moka to the vet, baked brownies. Had lunch with Mom and saw her picture at the gym, honoring her for being an inspirational workout partner!

Thursday, Jan 4: Girl's day with Mom Kaufman! Shoe shopping, browsing, lunch...what more could a girl ask for? :) It was a great day. The evening, however, could have been better. Instead of heading up to Moscow to meet up with friends for wings and beer at my favorite brewery, I learned that snow had closed the Lewiston Hill and there was no way up. I was worried Joe would be stuck up there overnight (since he'd been working on his thesis at the U of I), but he made it home to the Kaufmans.

Friday, Jan 5: Mom and I went up to Orofino to deliver my Lola's new car to my non-driving Lola. Although she refuses to learn to drive, she insists on riding in style. Then, back to Lewiston to help Mom install her CD player. That evening, Joe & I took Jeff over to Toby & Carmella's for an evening of Christmas cookies, looking at their wedding pictures, games and some fiddle music. We stayed out much later than planned but it was such a good time.

Saturday, Jan 6: We slept in till 7am and then Joe walked Schatzi while I packed. We hit the road around 10am and drove till dinner in Boise (pho) and a tour of the new Cabela's store. Then back on the freeway to Idaho Falls for a fun second half of the drive. We listened to Charles Frazier's "Thirteen Moons", which was a good story.

Now, we're back at home. It's great to sleep in our own bed.