Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Brittany buddies...

So, no new updates on jobs, school, or anything else. I took a few days off from clinical this week to help Doc settle in to his new home. Yesterday, he & I worked on some training while Schatzi was at doggie daycare and today, Schatzi, Doc & I spent today together. Tomorrow, I'm off to clinicals again, but at least I was able to take some fun pictures today.

Here's Doc in the sunshine. He loves to bury his chewies and Schatzi loves to find them. On the right, they're sharing Schatzi's bed (which is usually in the doghouse, but they dragged it out into the sunshine today. I think they were as glad for an end to the blowing snow and rain as I was!)

And, they love to wrestle with each other, but this is the first time they've played tug-of-war. Looks like Schatzi is the winner! The only toy Doc plays with is a stuffed Brittany
puppet that Sydney Jackson gave us for Christmas. Yesterday, he buried the puppet in the dirt till only one ear was showing. Yup, it needs washed, but I'll pick my battles. First priorities are ending urine-marking and working on sit. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Double your pleasure, double your fun...

What is more beautiful than a pair of Brittanies? NOthing...that's why after a long search for a second dog, we adopted Doc yesterday. He is a sweet boy and a Brittany who actually doesn't jump up on people. He's very people-oriented and loves to be petted...even more than he loves treats! While it is great that he is people-focused, his lack of treat-love has made training a little challenged. He doesn't know any basic obedience commands, but we have hope because he was able to learn his new name in one day (he was called Bentley before, but never responded to it). And, he and Schatzi seem to be getting along very well. (You might be able to catch a glimpse of Schatzi in the picture under the kitchen table).
We don't know much about Doc's past. He was a stray that American Brittany Rescue put into foster care in Paradise, UT. We picked him up yesterday, where he seemed to be doing well and gaining some weight. He is a much bigger framed dog than Schatzi, although they weigh about the same, so I guess that once he is up to his "fighting weight" (as Joe calls it), he'll be about 55lbs. He seems kind of birdy and walks well on a leash, so I think someone must have put some effort into this beautiful dog...but it's so odd that he doesn't know how to sit on command. I don't think we could have adopted a better second dog...he's 3-5 years old and out of the puppy crazies and he has no major issues (e.g., aggression or fearfulness) other than being untrained. Expect more pictures to come!
And, by the way, comprehensive exams went well. Thanks for all the prayers!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

All right, Amy!

Per the request of one demanding reader (who shall remain nameless, unless you want to look at the title of this blog), I am updating my blog. What has made me stay away so long, you might ask? I can sum it up in two awful words.


Yup, the exams that will decide the future of my NP career are this Friday, so because I have been procrastinating about preparing for them all semester...I have to cram now. Because I know myself and my weaknesses so intimately, I was a little proactive and formed a study group to discuss some topics with. Since those classmates held me accountable for a certain amount of studying each week, I have prepared a little and feel pretty good about it.

My body, though, doesn't agree. For the past week and a half, I've been feeling nauseated, lightheaded, and achy. I called my own NP to discuss this with her and she said, "Sounds like you're pregnant! Ha ha!". Then, I asked my friend, Leanne, what she thought it could be and she said, "It sounds like your exams are bothering you more than you thought." Yes...I'm a head case, I guess. I did some relaxation exercises and stretching yesterday and felt better than I had all week.

Good news is, though, that if it's stress that is making me feel bad...well, I'll feel better tomorrow night at 4pm when my exams are done.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and the new spring weather (got up to 72 and sunny!) in southeastern Idaho by taking a mini-hike near Howe, ID. Joe had been antelope hunting out there this fall, so he wanted to show me the camp site. There was still snow on the road, so we hiked/walked in. Schatzi, at first, hiked along, but soon was bounding over sagebrush, chasing birds and mice. She ran & bounded for almost 3 hours straight. (She's still tired today!).

Today, we met with the American Brittany Rescue coordinators for Idaho since I'm hoping to volunteer with them a little. Chad & Stormi came over this morning to inspect our house and see how we interacted with our dog (I think we passed!). Then, they invited us over for a BBQ this afternoon to meet their 2 Britts and some friends.

Tonight, we are off to Mass and then going to relax with a movie...I'm hoping Joe picks up "Stranger than Fiction" with Will Ferrell.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring break

I've been on Spring Break in Lewiston. Amy & I originally planned to come home and be moral support for Mom as she got her first screening colonoscopy. It actually ended up being a good thing that we came home, because Lola has been sick and has been staying with Mom. So, we've been able to take care of Lola and visit with her a little, too. Tancie came down on Thursday and gave us both haircuts and colors. (That's Tance with her purse and new puppy, Cinderella). Aunt Becca brought Hailey & Sydney down for the weekend, so we could all have fun together. Plus, Phil & Jeff Kaufman came over Saturday to play capture the flag. It's been so fun to play with Noah, too. He's 10 months old and got a great personality. In the picture, he is laughing because he's been blowing raspberries on my belly.

Joe's been home, working hard and taking care of Schatzi. Saturday, he competed in a pistol match and took first on one stage, 5th in his division, and 23rd overall (out of 47), so I was proud of him! Sunday, he took Schatzi hiking in some unique sandstone formations.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mesa Falls

We took advantage of the snow & my newfound love of cross country skiing this weekend and took Schatzi to Mesa Falls for an outing. (We tried another trail first, only to find out dogs weren't allowed. Arrgh! I hate restrictions on dogs. Just make people scoop their poop or put a leash on the dog, if you're worried about out of control dogs.)
Trying to ski with a dog on leash was not as easy as I hoped it would be, so I took the chance and let her be off leash. She did great! A few months ago, she would look at you when called to "come" and blatantly run away from you; this weekend, she came promptly every time, even when a bird or squirrell tempted her to disobey. Whoo hoo for obedience classes!
It was a six mile round trip to the lower falls and back to the parking area. The trip was beautiful, peaceful, and we only saw a few fellow skiiers & snowmobilers. One snowmobiling mom pointed out Schatzi to her little boy, saying, "Look, that dog has on gloves and boots just like you!". Schatzi stayed warm enough and tolerated her boots well (after she decided she was able to walk with them on after all; earlier in the day, she just laid down and refused to get up...soon, though, she was running like her usual crazy self). We were all pleasantly tired after our great trip & I'm only sad that we can't go out again today.