Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Dearest readers, sorry for the silence. Life has been busy and I promise to post a better posting soon, but until then, a brief summary of our life:

1. Moved into our new house. Had the floors refinished, but unfortunately didn't realize you couldn't walk on them right away. Had to wait 5 days (while living among boxes in the basement) till we could finally start to move furniture into the main floor this evening.

2. Started work. Lots, Lots, LOTS to learn! Keeping me busy and humble with the amount of outside reading there is to do.

3. Painting our new bedroom a gray-green-blue color. Love it, but didn't realize how expensive painting was when you can't borrow your parents' stuff!

4. Waiting for my "OK" to take the certification exam and get my NP license....still waiting!

I"ll post picture of graduation this weekend!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

The last week has been crazy, so here are a few updates:

-We closed on our house yesterday! We're having the floors refinished Monday, so we're not moving in yet, but last night I took the dogs over to see their new backyard. It was so fun to see them actually be able to run around. Both of our neighbors have dogs, so there was a litany of barks, but hopefully, things won't be so loud once we get settled in.

-Spring cleaning: We're getting ready for 15 (yep, 15!) guests to arrive, starting tomorrow, so Joe & I have been busy cleaning out the stuff we haven't used and doing the deep cleaning that needed done. It's a new experience to prepare for that many people to arrive. I've been trying to think about all the meals to plan. (Most of our family is staying a hotel a block away from our townhouse, so we won't all be living on top of each other). It's also been a time of surprises, such as "Hey, I've been looking for that all year!".

-And, a little bit of pampering: My friend and classmate, LeAnne, treated us both to a girls day: lunch out, an hour massage and pedicures. I felt pretty pampered, pretty spoiled, and pretty lucky to have a friend down here to have fun with. :)

-Graduation is just around the corner!! :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

School's out!

I had my last intensive workshop ever on Tuesday. Comprehensives have been taken, defended, and clinical rotations completed...I'm done! Onto cleaning and getting ready for family to arrive for graduation.
It was a little bittersweet to have my final workshop. My class gets together only 1-2 times a semester and I know this is probably the last time I will see many of them since we are spread out across the state. It's the beginning, I was lamenting how difficult it was to build community over an online program, but in the end, I guess we have. Countless discussion board postings (sort of like emails that everyone in the class can read) later, I feel like I am pretty well acquainted with most of my classmates. Denise (on my left) and Rachel (on my right) and I are planning to go to a review course in Salt Lake together in a few weeks, so it will be fun to have a reunion then.