Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, June 25, 2007

The (l-town) Kaufmans go to Idaho Falls

Dad & Mom Kaufman and Jeff ended their week long road trip (started in Idaho, went through Montana and Wyoming, and then back to Idaho) in Idaho Falls (well, almost ended...they had one more stop in Boise before heading home). They came on Friday afternoon and took us out to dinner.

Saturday, (while the boys explored the Army Surplus store and pistol range) Mom Kaufman and I leashed up the dogs and took them to the Farmers' Market, where we bought veggies and bread for a BBQ that afternoon. Mom K's longtime friend, Vonnie, and Vonnie's husband came up for the BBQ. The boys played a little music.
Sunday, we walked to Mass (a block away from our house!) and then loaded into Joe's new (to him) van and took a short road trip around the area. We went up to Ashton, grabbed lunch at a deli, drove to the Upper Mesa Falls, then up to Big Springs to see some crazy big trout (like 3 feet long!! No fishing allowed up there), then back Ashton to fish a little (I took a nap with the dogs in the van).

Monday, Joe & I were back to work and the Kaufmans were on their way back home. We told them we've never had such great house guests: they cooked, they cleaned, they fixed stuff...:) They're welcome back any time! :)

The Kaufmans go to Lewiston

The weekend before last, Joe & I (sans cogs) headed up to Lewiston to celebrate the Stroscheins' 50th anniversary.

We partied it up at the Red Lion Hotel (where Joe & I had our wedding reception) with a great dinner, some live jazz, and a little dancing (I was slowed down because my shoes were half a size to big, but worth it because they are cute!). Grandma and Papa came out to celebrate, too.

We also got to spend a little time with the Lewiston Kaufmans (Dad, Mom, and Jeff). And, Steve was in Lewiston now that he is farming a little, so we got to see him, too! Here's Jeff showing off two new additions in his life: his new dirt bike and his 4-H pigs.

And, we celebrated Father's Day (and Mom's birthday, late) on Sunday with the Altmillers. Joe and I were glad to get home and back to our dogs, glad we flew, and glad to have such a great family.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A face only a "mother" could love

We're on our way to Lewiston for the weekend to celebrate the Stroscheins' 50th anniversary. But, yesterday, I spent sometime playing with my camera and dogs.
Here are a few funny doggy expressions:

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Livin' the dream

Well, I went to work today and actually had to work for the first time. Yep, instead of following other providers around and watching *them* work, I saw my own patients. Granted, there were only 2 of them, so I didn't have to overtax myself. :)

Tonight, we're working on laundry, dog training, dog bathing, and, yes, more laundry.

Monday, June 11, 2007

That sweet Bellingham baby :)

Today is my last full day in Bellingham with this fun Gemmer family, so I thought I'd better post a few pictures of Daisy before I get back to the grindstone. Here she is in her usual state (left) sleeping away (don't worry, her parents say she comes out to play around midnight to four) and a few "awake" shots right after her first bath at home.

I feel so blessed to have friends who would invite me to come & celebrate this great milestone with them. I told Darin that Joe & I will have to try to plan more visits to Bellingham in the's not easy to keep in touch with a baby over the phone! I'll be glad to be back home tomorrow since I'm missing Joe quite a bit (and the cogs, too!), but I'm a little sad knowing that the next time I see Daisy, she'll be quite a different baby...these little guys change so fast.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Miss Daisy Lee Gemmer

I hopped on plane and ended up Bellingham...and got to meet little Daisy Gemmer! She is adorable. She has the cutest nose. Looking forward to spending a few more days with her and her parents.

Here's a picture of her getting weighed.

ANd, just because I can't resist, here are a few pictures of my dogs. Schatzi is on the left, sitting on command, like the good dog she is. And, Doc is on the right, snuggled up on the guest bed, like the snuggler and sweet dog he is.

Messy house

Okay, okay...ask and you shall receive! Here are a few pictures I took of our house, still in the midst of unpacking:

This is our bedroom (left). I decided to paint it a dark turquoise after reading the people slept better in blue-green rooms...we'll see if it's true! On the right is our kitchen.

Here is our living room (left) and our upstairs bathroom on the right. In the center is a view of our backyard from the kitchen door.

THis is my favorite window in the whole's in the dining area of the kitchen. And on the right is our messy, messy office! More pictures to come, hopefully when things are looking more livable. :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Keeping busy

These past few months have been crazy. I've been busy getting ready to graduate, house shopping (then house-buying!), and starting my new job. I finally got my NP license this week (whoo hoo! I'm official), but still need to take the certification exam, so I've been doing a lot of studying--both for my new job and for the certification exam (not as much overlapping study material there as I would like).

I'm enjoying my new job, but there is so much to learn! I've been working 10-12 hour days, just trying to get up to speed with gastroenterology and working in a specialty practice. I like my coworkers, who are really supportive.

This weekend, Joe & I took a trip to Salt Lake City to buy a van (more on that later) and buy some new furniture for our house at the IKEA that just opened in May. Fun trip, but what a long day! Today, we're continuing to work on moving in, unpacking, arranging furniture, etc. and I'm also studying. I promise to post pictures of our home once we get things more settled (do you really want to see pictures of stacks of boxes anyway?).

Later this week, I'll be heading to Bellingham for Miss Daisy Gemmer's imminent arrival, which is going to be the highlight of my week!!


This is sorely out of date, but here are pictures of my graduation weekend! We were lucky enough to have most of our family come down to celebrate (all the Kaufmans, my mom, Team Eddy, my grandparents, Tancie & Lauren, Syd & A. Ris and a few extra dog family members: Brookie (Schatzi's sis), Cindy (grandma's poodle), and Cinderella (Tancie's new Yorkie) ). We had a full weekend of fun and busyness. I graduated on Saturday (it was hot and crowded...and while I was excited to receive my master's hood, I was appalled at how much hotter it made the graduation garb!) and we celebrated that evening with a BBQ at our new house (despite the fact that our electricty was off).