Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Keeping busy

These past few months have been crazy. I've been busy getting ready to graduate, house shopping (then house-buying!), and starting my new job. I finally got my NP license this week (whoo hoo! I'm official), but still need to take the certification exam, so I've been doing a lot of studying--both for my new job and for the certification exam (not as much overlapping study material there as I would like).

I'm enjoying my new job, but there is so much to learn! I've been working 10-12 hour days, just trying to get up to speed with gastroenterology and working in a specialty practice. I like my coworkers, who are really supportive.

This weekend, Joe & I took a trip to Salt Lake City to buy a van (more on that later) and buy some new furniture for our house at the IKEA that just opened in May. Fun trip, but what a long day! Today, we're continuing to work on moving in, unpacking, arranging furniture, etc. and I'm also studying. I promise to post pictures of our home once we get things more settled (do you really want to see pictures of stacks of boxes anyway?).

Later this week, I'll be heading to Bellingham for Miss Daisy Gemmer's imminent arrival, which is going to be the highlight of my week!!


Steve K. said...

Sounds very busy indeed, but all good things!

Deanna said...

Ooo...I'm so curious about the van story. I am so looking forward to your arrival on Thursday! I can't wait. (Dad will be at the airport if Darin or I can't make it, so you can recognize that friendly face.)

michelle said...

I hope to see you in B'ham too!