Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kaufman Home for Wayward Dogs

As mentioned before, we've taken in a third dog (temporarily). "Stranger" followed us home from a morning walk and has been our guest for a week and a half. After posting fliers, running an ad in the newspaper, calling the pound, and checking to see if she's microchipped, we've given up on her owners claiming her. I didn't want to take her to the pound because I was worried that they'd end up putting her to sleep. So, I contacted the Humane Society about our plight. Stranger is a great dog, smart, birdy...but she doesn't get along with Schatzi, so she can't stay here.

So, after an evaluation that proved she was adoptable (which, of course, she is), they agreed to take her as long as:
1. We gave her her shots.
2. We kept her for 7 more days until the shots became effective.

We're so thankful because:
1. The Humane Society will keep her until she is adopted and finds a home.
2. That home won't be ours.


Kevin said...

Uh...don't read into this too much...but uh...what about, say, human children of the male variety who happen to be your Godson? Maybe, know...for a few days or so. Just think on it...

Jen said...

Here at the Kaufman Home for Wayward Dogs we are highly selective of the "strays" we take in. The case you describe would have to be evaluated to determine if he has any aggression issues and would play nicely with the other wards. Of course, we would need proof of vaccination to keep our current residents protect against outside infection.

Aw, what the heck...just bring him on down. He's so cute, we'll bend the rules! Is he crate trained?? :)

(His mom is going to kill us both when she reads this!)

raecatherine said...

i love the new name of your home. =) sounds like the beginning of a best-selling kiddie book.

Amy said...

His mom, who does have some aggression issues, did read both are on my list.

But, just FYI:

He does play nicely with others (considering he *is* a toddler).

He is up-to-date on his immunizations.

He has no aggression issues at the current time.

Anonymous said...

Mom said I can be with all three grandchild and granddogs... Noah will likely teach DOc and Schatzi to say "Meow."