Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, September 17, 2007

Doggie Roadtrip

Ever since I got Schatzi, I've been wanting to volunteer with American Brittany Rescue and thought that, after we got Doc and moved into our new house, maybe we would foster rescues. However, having Stranger and the stress of always trying to prevent fighting has steered me away from that desire. But, I still wanted to do something.
So, Saturday, Joe and I drove down to Pocatello to pick up Jasmine, this 7 year old Brittany, who is super sweet and slept the whole way to our stop in Spencer. She was so sweet and quiet, Joe joked that we should swap her with Schatzi and hope that no one would ever know the difference. He said, "Her family will be like, 'Whoa...this is the spry-est 7 year old we've ever seen!", since those of you who have met Schatzi know she is anything but quiet. :)
We were part of a transport group that picked Jasmine up from her foster home and brought her to her adoptive family from Calgary, Alberta! It was amazing to see all of these people in motion to help this transport work out. Each driver took a 1 or 2 hour leg of the trip and she traveled from Utah to Canada in 2 days.


raecatherine said...

what a sweet little face! glad you had a nice time with her.

michelle said...

that is so cool that you were a part of that! What a sweetie too!

Laura said...

adorable! what a great thing to be a part of!