Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Girls of 207

I'm so excited because next weekend, we're having a girls' of 207 reunion! You may be wondering...who are these girls and why are they named 207?

Well, in college, my awesome friend, Deanna, and my awesome sister, Amy, and myself lived in an off-campus apartment, which was #207. We had great times together: we had a "hottest girl in the apartment crown", a quote board, Super Soup Suppers and a wide variety of adventures together.

As you know, life gets busy after marriage, kids (for them) and college, and we have lots of miles between all of us, so we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like (every day??). But, earlier this week, Deanna called and wondered if we could get together at Amy's and soon a plan was in the works.

So...I'm thrilled about this spontaneous reunion and looking forward to a fun girls' (and babies') weekend just eight days from now!


Amy said...

Here's to reliving the good times of 207. You can wear the "hottest girl" crown b/c you don't have any stretch marks. :)

You are a blogging fool! Keep it up; I love it!

Darin Gemmer said...

Hey, no mention of the honorary 4th roomy? I think between fixing stuff, making awesomely fattening breakfasts, and taking out the trash, I at least earned an honorable mention.

Jen said...

Sorry, you WERE an awesome 4th roomie, but if you'll notice the's GIRLS of 207! :) Maybe I should revise and say "The GIRLS of 207 and the MAN of 207"? :)

Amy said...

Ok, I take my original comment back...maybe Darin gets to wear the "hot" tiara instead. :)

Anonymous said...

can i get a "wha wha!?!"