Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby or gas?

Last night, after a bit of exercise, I was laying in bed, waiting for my heartrate to slow down (that seems to take forever these days) when I felt some little flutters right in the middle of my lower abdomen. At first, I was thinking it was just gas (earlier, in the first trimester when my GI system was completely messed up, I had some very palpable gas bubbles in my lower abdomen and I thought, "This must be what the baby will feel like in a month or two.") After all, 15 weeks is pretty early to be feeling the baby, but these flutters felt different. And, my book says it's a possibility. Lighter, smaller. I couldn't feel them on the outside of my abdomen, just barely on the inside. And they were right over the middle of my ever-growing uterus. Try to get YOUR heartrate to slow down after exercise and then after realizing you may have just felt your baby move for the first time!

What do you think? Baby or gas? Post about the first time you felt your baby move...or, if you haven't had a baby, you could just post about a flatulent time in your life, I guess. :)


Anonymous said...

Ok Jen, with both of the boys I was right about 19-20 weeks. So I think that is a bit early, but, again, you are so slender! I know our friend Melissa-also very slender-felt the flutters early as well! So enjoy them if that is indeed what they are! Sorry, no gas stories to share!

Kevin said...

It's totally the baby. You are both overachievers, therefore your offspring will probably follow suit. 15 weeks is about the time you start to feel those overachieving babies start to move. How do I know? We felt Noah move at week 8. BAM!

In all seriousness, I vote for the baby.

Amy said...

We did not feel Noah move at 8 weeks. *I* felt Noah around 17 weeks and Kevin got to feel him a bit later on. Who knows? Maybe you have a big kid who likes to kick. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovie ... I think our babe... I felt you and Amy move around this time... I wonder which one was constantly kicking my ribs that I felt the vibration for months?...

deanna said...

I searched my blog to find out if I recorded the first kick feeling. Best I could do was on Feb. 8 (about 23 weeks) I said I'd been feeling her kick for a few weeks now. I do remember that the first few times I thought it was gas as well. And then it took my breath away when I knew for sure it wasn't.

Sarah said...

Hi Jen...just checked in to see how things are going with you. I actually started to feel #2 yesterday, 1 day shy of 17 weeks. I felt Peter right around 20 weeks. My uterus is front and center this place for baby to hide!

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