Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't eat the spiders

Last night, we were watching TV and Schatzi started "hunting" a spider. It was huge! The body itself was probably 2cm. Normally, I just let her hunt them and kill them because it's cheap entertainment, but this one was so big, I was a little creeped out, so Joe stepped on it. Then, Schatzi and Doc took turns flipping this gigantic spider back and forth and Schatzi ultimately ate it.
About 30 minutes later, she sat down by me and started shivering so much that you could hear her teeth clacking. This lasted a few minutes and then she ran outside to throw up. Afterwards, she came back and laid down and slept the rest of the night. She is still kind of sick looking this morning, but she had the energy to bark at a dog out the window, so I think she is on the mend.
Moral of the story? Don't eat spiders. I can't tell the difference between brown recluses and hobo spiders, so I don't know what kind it was, but we are definitely getting more spider traps in our house.


Amy said...

Please get the traps before we move into your spider-infested basement.

Joe said...

So Jen...what happened to not freaking out the Eddys? ;)

Jen said...

Um, I forgot. But good news...recluses don't live in Idaho, so it was probably a hobo, which doesn't really cause too many problems.

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you have trained dogs who kill your spiders for you!

raecatherine said...

cute story. gotta animals and their antics. =) at our house, layla plays with them and they die a slow, torturous death and Sophie eats them. I think Sophie gets the better end of the deal.

michelle said...

Oh that made me so sad for her! I'm glad she is feeling better. Maybe it wasn't the spider at all. Maybe it was sympathy puke!