Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Second Trimester

Well, we've made it into the 2nd trimester, which is supposed to be the golden time of pregnancy. I thought I would take this opportunity to paint a more realistic picture of this "golden time".

1. "You'll have more energy". Well, that's true, but not as much as I expected. I sleep 11 hours a day instead of 20, but you're not going to be seeing me run a marathon any time soon.

2. "The morning sickness is over." Um, well, I'm definitely not throwing up as much and things are better, but I'm still not at that stage where I can be easy going and agreeable about food. (As in, "Joe, I need fajitas...right now!!" In pregnancy-speak, that means "I needed them five minutes ago; why didn't you read my mind and make them already?") And, while I expected pregnancy to be a time to enjoy all of my comfort foods, I sadly have not been able to tolerate ice cream or fried foods at all.

3. "You are starting to show, but aren't so big that you feel the discomforts of late pregnancy". What?? I'm already uncomfortable!! Have you seen this gigantic beer belly I have now? My poor lower back protests daily. And, um, have you noticed the chest? I gained 2 lbs last week and went up 2 cup sizes (guess you know where the weight went) neck and shoulders didn't have time to prepare for the new load they are now supporting. And, don't even get me started about my feet!

All complaining aside, though, things ARE going better and I am so thankful. While I don't feel like the "old Jen", I am definitely much better than "first trimester Jen", which Joe and I are thankful for. Again, a shout-out to my truly wonderful husband who bears with his crazy pregnant wife so patiently. This picture on the bottom is me in my first maternity dress, which Deanna, Amy, and I bought during our girls' of 207 reunion in September.


deanna said...

You're looking so good! Thanks for keeping it so real. Love ya chickita.

Anonymous said...

It must be a skinny girl thing! I didn't experience anything like what you say until month 7! Anyway you slice it, I think you look lovely. Nice to hear Joe is being such a support! I bet he is super excited!

Laura said...

love the pics, you are so cute!

michelle said...

I didn't see that you said anything about the pregnancy GLOW???

Amy said...

I personally think the "beer belly" look works for you. :)