Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, December 31, 2007

home for the holidays (part 3)

Unfortunately, our camera batteries died and we are pictureless for the rest of our trip. We spent Christmas day at Mom's with the Altmillers. It was so fun to see Noah excited about his gifts, especially a tricycle from Grandma and Papa. We also saw my cousin, Mandi, who just got a job as a nanny in Alaska. Later that night, Team Eddy, Joe, my mom, and I played a very entertaining game of Loaded Questions and I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants!

The day after Christmas, we shopped the sales and I landed a few new maternity pants for less than $9 and a few new tops. At 19 weeks, the belly has grown dramatically and clothes are starting to be a little snug.

On Thursday, we headed up to Palouse, WA, to have dinner with Steve and his roommate, Evan. We enjoyed a great dinner, a good game of Apples to Apples, and the boys had a fierce racecar competition on Steve's wood floors.

Friday, we headed back down to Lewiston and enjoyed dinner at Fazzari's. Joe and the boys headed out to play music at a longtime friend's house and Jeff, Fred, Dori, and I stayed home to play the Farming Game. I caught a cold from Noah and Sydney, so it felt good to get to bed early. I was surprised, though, at how great I feel in spite of my cold. My morning sickness has completely stopped and I have a little more energy...even with the cold. It only took 19 weeks but I feel awesome!

Saturday and Sunday led to a long drive back to Idaho Falls on snowy roads. I was thankful for Joe's good driving skills!


deanna said...

Thanks for the updates! I've been anxiously awaiting them. Glad your holidays were so much fun and that you are feeling better.

You know what you can do at 20 weeks, right?!

Laura said...

yay for Apples to Apples (such a great game) and for feeling better!

michelle said...

Sounds like a jam packed but fun holidays! Happy 2008!!
Deanna... I'm curious, what can you do at 20 weeks?