Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, December 14, 2007

Joe's Christmas Party's White Elephant Exchange

Wednesday night, we were laying in bed, talking about Joe's Christmas party.

Jen: So, what did you get from the gift exchange?
Joe: Well, I started with a bottle of wine and someone stole it.
Jen: So then what did you get?
Joe: Well, I felt bad for this kid who got a bacon waver, so I stole it from him so he could get a new gift.
Jen: A bacon waver?
Joe: Yeah, a bacon waver.
Jen (sitting up): A bacon waver? Like the bacon waver we brought LAST year to your Christmas party?
Joe: We brought a bacon waver last year?

We got this bacon waver as a gift; you microwave bacon on it, but neither of us likes microwaved bacon, so we've been trying to get rid of it. He brought home the same damn bacon waver. I swear that thing will follow us to the grave.


Amy said...

Hilarious--not only that you will never get rid of the bacon waver, but also that your hubby is oblivious to all your efforts to get rid of it.

deanna said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning!

The Chase Family said...

Oh my Lord! That is hilarious! Both KC and myself got a great chuckle out of it! And FYI the goodwill takes all sorts of stuff! :P

raecatherine said...

hahaha! Bring it back next year and see what happens. =)

Anonymous said...

mom said ... this is so hilarious... Joe must have some deep seated love for microwaved bacon...

Debbie said...

I'm with you when it comes to microwaved bacon- ick! But this is a pretty funny story so I advise holding on to the darn thing and seeing what sorts of adventure will come of it over time!

mandy_meyer said... least it wasn't one of those singing "Billy Bass" fish...we've had one of those floating around our White Elephant here at work for the past three years. :p (This bacon waver may become your singing bass ;o).

Anonymous said...

mom said... hey Mandy... I have been looking for the Billy Bass singing fish...I would like to get it for my bosses for next Christmas. Where would I find one or two? Do you think Joe can trade his bacon waver with one of the Billy Bass singing fish?