Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just an update

This week was my first week back to work full time since the morning sickness got bad. I miss my relaxed morning routine of slowly waking up around 8am, eating Golden Grahams in bed, and cuddling with my dogs until I had to arrive at the office around 10am. Now, we are waking up around 7am, rushing like crazy to get ready, and arriving at the office around 8am. But, I am feeling better overall, and it feels good to be more useful at work.

This is also our first week without the dogwalkers and while it feels stressful to add that daily walk back into the routine, I know it's good for me and the new Puppy (as well as Schatzi and Doc). Last night, I took the dogs out for an evening walk (sorry, guys, just can't squeeze it into the morning any more) and it felt really good to walk in the cool night air. When we got back to the house, though, I was too hot (immediately!) and had to close the curtains and strip down to my underwear before I could even unleash the dogs. Joe just shook his he often does at his crazy pregnant wife.

We think we're feeling more baby movements, but still don't know for sure. Joe has tried to feel them, too, but it's so light it's hard to tell if it's an abdominal pulse, gas, or a muscle twitch. Who knows? We like thinking they are kicks, so for now, that's what they are! :) I have gained one more pound (-5lbs prepregnancy weight; Joe +4lbs prepregnancy weight :)) and am starting to wear maternity clothes (although they are still a bit big every place except the belly). This would be an appropriate time to shout out to Deanna for all the cute clothes she is letting me borrow!!


Deanna said...

You're welcome!

Laura said...

new puppy?!!! did I miss something or are you referring to the baby?

Anne said...

I agree with Laura...what's this "new Puppy" thing? Did we miss a posting? So glad you are feeling better these days and sorry to be so elusive..we are having the Big Trip to Billings this weekend. Will have the cell with me and will check in with you guys on the way.