Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So much to post about...

I have so much to post about, but so little time to do it! (It's hard when you have to go to sleep at 7:30pm every night...when am I supposed to get my energy back?).

Here's a few things I want to post about:
1. Joe's birthday last weekend and his "surprise" present
2. My new living room look
3. Christmas decorating
4. Snow, snow, snow (Mandy, I know you miss it, but I'm tired of it!)
5. Our surprisingly active social calendar: Tuesday, the Binghams came over for pizza; Wednesday, Joe had his office Christmas party and LeeAnne and I went to a dinner about GERD; tonight, we are going on a double date with the Madsens.
6. Our four month check up.

So, for now, know a lot of posts are coming, but I want to include pictures and haven't had a chance to download them all yet.


Laura said...

Thanks for the teaser post :)

Team Eddy said...

We know how hard it is to be pregnant and to be in such high demand. We'll try and be patient.

michelle said...

I was never good at being patient. I am too curious about the surprise present, the new living room look and the Christmas decorating. I also would like to see pics of the snow. I'll have to wait I guess!!! :0)