Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, January 25, 2008

a night in the life of a pregnant woman

8:30 pm: Start to feel sleepy. Try to make it a little longer; who goes to bed at 8:30pm, anyway?
9:00pm: Go to bed. Fall into a deep, wonderful sleep.
9:30pm: Startled awake by the phone. It's your trying-to-be sweet husband, calling to say he hopes you sleep well.
9:35pm: Back to sleep.

2:46am: Wake up. Have to pee like nothing else. Downstairs, you hear Noah crying and Kevin offering him water. Realize you are thirsty as well.
2:48am: Back from the bathroom. Drink a bottle of water.
2:49am: Aauggh! HEARTBURN!! Muse that this experience should give you some empathy with your patients.
3:01 am: Take 4 TUMS and hope for the best.
3:30am: Why do you need empathy? You just want the fire in your chest to stop.
3:35am: It finally starts to subside.
3:40am: You're still thirsty, but you're not going to drink any more...ever again.
3:59am:'re still awake. What's the problem now?
4:00am: Oh,'re hungry.
4:03am: But, nothing sounds good and the heartburn might come back.
4:05am: You're not that hungry.
4:07am: Yes, yes, you are that hungry. Get out of bed. Grab 3 chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.
4:15am: Done with your snack. Still wide awake.
4:16am: Start to read one of Joe's boring books to help you get sleepy.
4:30am: It start to feel sleepy and lay down.
4:31 am: Heartburns back.
4:33am: Make an elaborate headrest and backrest out of four pillows so you can sleep sitting up. This seems to help.
4:36am: forgot to turn off the lamp.
4:37am: You turn off the lamp. This wakes up the Puppy, who starts to kick.
4:38am: You put your hand on your abdomen and tell the Puppy it's time to sleep.
4:39am: The Puppy just kicks harder.
5:00am: The Puppy settles down and you fall back asleep.
6:30am: Your alarm goes off. You are SOOO tired. Why didn't you go to bed at 8:30pm like you wanted to? And, you realize, crying a little inside, that you will probably feel this tired (or more so) every day of your life until the Puppy turns 2.


deanna said...

Oh honey, I can so relate! Just wait until it's 3 times a night to pee.

Amy said...

Hilarious post....and so true.

raecatherine said...

geez this sounds rough! nothing makes me crankier (or more emotional) than poor sleep.

time for another well-earned massage!

Candy said...

or until the puppy turns 21

michelle said...

Man, I'm so tired now!

Laura said...

I agree with Candy, I don't think it stops at age 2 :)

P.S. Hi, Candy!!!

Anonymous said...

dear juni... 26 years later, I can still remember my pre-delivery nights like this. I stopped feeling tired around the time you were about to go to college! Love Mom