Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

too good to be true

My baby went four hours between his bedtime feeding and the middle of the night feed and then three and half hours between the next two feedings. That means almost a full night's sleep for me! A girl could get used to this. Unfortunately, I know that in a few weeks he'll be hitting his 6 week growth spurt and any semblance of sleep will be gone for a week or so...

Sam's a month old on Thursday, so we'll get some new pictures up this week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

weekly wisdom

One of my parenting books describes "5 S's to soothe a crying newborn": swaddling, swinging, shooshing, sucking...and well, I can't remember the last one. In honor of this newfound (and valuable) wisdom, here are some S's of my own.

1. Sleeping: Sam is a good sleeper for a newborn, but still I long for that four hour stretch of sweet, sweet sleep every night. I pump diligently every day, knowing that those few ounces of breastmilk are my ticket to sleep happiness. My night becomes filled with choices that revolve around sleep. For instance, when I wake up to feed Sam, do I really want to waste those extra precious minutes I could be sleeping to pee? To quench that never-ending thirst of a breastfeeding mom? To eat a snack? Typically, the answer is no. Sam's lucky he even gets his diaper changed at night, frankly.

2. Sweating: I love my new mom body much more than my pregnant body. (Whoo hoo! I can touch my toes!). However, it is certainly much different that my pre-pregnant body and I am lacking clothes to wear because of it. In an effort to "trim" up, I bought some flex-eez underwear (think: girdle). Amazing results! Like I just lost 10lbs. However, not really breathable sort of stuff. I wore it yesterday in 84 degree weather and just about sweated to death for the sake of beauty.

3. So-not-into-wearing-a-bra: I thought nursing bras were kind of cool until I was actually nursing. Same goes for nursing tops. The clips on the bra, the rolling it under your boob, the finding the right slit in the's all pretty cumbersome when you have a child screaming because he's STARVING, MOM!! Plus, breastmilk drips every where when he's screaming. So, now I'm into wearing nursing tanks and a regular shirt over the top. The regular shirt hides the breastmilk and the tank hides my mom-flab. The chest, though, might have to suffer some consequences. Maybe I'll start saving for a boob job in the future.

4. Stretch marks: Yep, they keep happening, even after pregnancy. I think they really started to pop up last week. Since they are going to be with me forever, I've started naming the more prominent ones. One of them looks like the scar on Harry Potter's forehead; I call it Voldemort.

Next week, Sam and I are off to Spokane/Seattle/Lewiston for family time/wedding/and his baptism, so our weekly installment of wisdom will be on a temporary hiatus.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joe's first father's day

This weekend, we're celebrating Joe's first Father's Day. Sam is a thoughtful kid and got his dad some pictures of himself (Sam) to hang in Joe's office. And, in honor of the holiday, Sam wore his "I love Daddy" onesie. Schatzi and Doc joined us in the nursery for our little celebration. We're planning on barbeque-ing with some friends tomorrow.

laundry list

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. I think the growth spurt is slowing, but now we have more milk that we know what to do with. Sam, I think, is a little overwhelmed by the abundance and, as a consequence, has been spitting up a lot more. Also, I thought (mistakenly) that he was ready to get out of his newborn diapers and into size 1-2s, which you can buy in bulk. I was wrong. Poop can really shoot out of those diaper leg holes when the diaper is too big!

Between all of this, we had quite a load of laundry:
3 jammies
4 outfits
4 onesies
3 outfits of Jen's
and 1 set of queen size bed sheets (it was a the wee hours of morning).

We literally ran out of clothes for the kid to wear. Guess I should do laundry more often.

There's no offense like a good defense, so today, I'm ready: more burping, more strategically placed burp cloths around the house, tightening up those diapers, and the omnipresent bib.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sam I am...


I love Sam, but I don't really know why anyone wants a video of him. I mean, honestly, he doesn't do that much...a picture should suffice. But, he does make some cute faces. I tried to get some more of them, but he decided he was hungry. He's been smiling in his sleep, so we're hoping his awake smile will make an appearance soon.

Also, we had an eventful day. We made it to Macy's one day sale and bought a dress and shoes for me to wear to Sam's baptism. Then, we met Joe for lunch and nursed in public (still not super comfortable, but making progress). We dropped off Joe at his office and changed Sam's diaper and then finished the afternoon with some grocery shopping. Sam was done being a happy camper by then, so we headed home. Later, a fellow NP, Leanne, and her daughter, Elizabeth, came by to meet Sam. Here's Elizabeth (who's 4) holding Sam. She said, "I think I can do it myself, Mom", but you can see Leanne's cautionary arm in the frame.

sleep deprivation

The witty banter of sleep deprived parents...

Jen: Joe, can you get the thing off the thing?

Joe: What?

Jen: Huh?

Joe: You aren't making any sense. I don't understand what you're saying.

Jen: What? Oh, nevermind. I can't remember what I was talking about.

This was us earlier this week. Fortunately, Sam's eating has slowed down a little and my AWESOME husband took his 10pm feeding last night so I could sleep for FOUR and a HALF hours in a row. Today, I feel like running a marathon...I feel so good. So, I will try to get a video up of Sam in the next few days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sam's Room

We thought you might enjoy a picture of Sam's room. Strangly Jen and Joe spend as much time here as Sam does. Thanks to the Eddys for helping us paint it and to Deanna for the decorations.

Monday, June 09, 2008

weekly wisdom

1. Don't jinx yourself. After marveling at how easy of a baby Sam is and being SO thankful that he is a good sleeper, he hit is 3 week growth spurt. That's baby who typically sleeps in 3-4 hour spurts at night, stopped sleeping and let me know in no uncertain terms "MOM! I'm STARVING!" We'll be glad when this phase is over.

2. Babies are social magnets. After attending the same church for the past 2 years, we only started meeting people since Sam was born. People will see this new little baby and come over and introduce themselves...after, of course, cooing over Sam. It's a little embarrassing, though, when people ask if we've just moved to the area and we have to say, "Uh, no...we've been here for 2 years."

3. I'm not really a sympathetic person. Whenever Joe gets a cold or whatever, I try to be a good wife, but really...not that sympathetic. A small (okay, maybe bigger than that) part of me wants to say, "So, should I call hospice?" when he complains. Seriously, as a nurse, I've seen serious illness that is worth complaining about. (I know this sounds awful, but just being honest. I don't deserve my wonderful husband, but I digress). But, motherhood changes you. Sam got his first round of diaper rash last week and my heart broke for his little sore butt.

Friday, June 06, 2008

maybe baths aren't so bad...

Remember Sam's first bath? He wasn't a huge fan. When we sponge-bathed him later at home, again, he showed his displeasure.

Finally, his umbilical stump fell off this week and we gave him his first tub bath.

He loved that warm water so much, he pooped in it!

it's hard to find good help these days...

...but we have.

For the past 3 weeks, we have been blessed with good motherly help. Joe's mom, Dori, cooked, cleaned, and cuddled Sam for the first 2 weeks. We had 48 hours on our own...and then my Mom and Lola (grandma) came into town. Lola cooked Filipino food for us to eat and extra for us to freeze. She also snuggled Sam endlessly and sang him songs.

Mom was put to work sewing window shades, cleaning out closets, and changing diapers. In return, we got her a jamocha ice cream birthday cake to celebrate her 52nd birthday...I think it was a fair trade, don't you? She also took home a ton of my skinny clothes since she has such a cute little body. Lately, she has been looking for a halter dress "just like the ones I wore in high school", but wasn't convinced she could wear one at her age. While cleaning out my closet, I came across this green halter dress that my friend, Georgina, gave me in college just before she became a nun. So, Mom tried it on and it looks great on her.

Mom and Lola left today. And now, we're back on our least for the next 2 weeks until we head up to Lewiston for Sam's baptism. Here's hoping we don't starve in the meantime. :)

for noah

Noah requested a video of the cogs.
The first one is of the dogs after a bath...they get a little crazy. The second one is Doc "dancing" in the kitchen.

video video

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happiness (free verse by Schatzi and Doc)

Happiness is...


a freshly mown lawn

and a beef femur to chew upon.

Monday, June 02, 2008

weekly wisdom

This week's wisdom:
You know it's a bad start to the day send your husband to change the baby's diaper. Both husband and baby return buck naked a few minutes later, with husband muttering something about a "high velocity poop" and wondering where the carpet cleaner is.

Sam is 2 weeks and 1 day old and we're off to the pediatrician's for his 2 week check.