Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Independence Day

We celebrated this Independence Day by taking back our bedroom and putting Sam in his own room. Unfortunately, Sam tolerated the shift much better than his parents; he slept according to his usual schedule without a hitch. His parents, however, were unable to sleep without their little baby in their room. We thought we'd better give him another night in his own room and see how we sleep tonight; otherwise, we'll move him back in and he'll sleep with us till he's off to college.

Of course, we did do some traditional Fourth of July activities as well. We invited ourselves to LeAnne's house for a barbeque. Her granddaughter, Lilly, was enamoured with "the baby". (She couldn't remember his name).

We missed most of Idaho Falls' famous firework display because I lost track of time and we left the barbeque too late. I promised Joe we'd go next year, but we did get to see the very end of the show while we were driving up the freeway. And, we missed most of the traffic and made it home without too much of a problem.


Laura said...

You look like one hot mama in that pic! Sounds like you had a good fourth, even if you missed the fireworks :)

Anonymous said...

lala said... Juni, you look wonderful! Sam Sam is getting bigger...

Anne said...

How did the second night go? Is Sam in his own room now officially? I agree with Lala - you look absolutely wonderful!