Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the Sandman Chronicles

This column is dedicated to all you new parents out there, who like us, are suffering from sleep deprivation. We're working on sleep training with Sam and these columns chronicle our progress. We're using the No Cry Sleep Solution as the foundation for our plan.

August 15-August 28: Establish a bedtime routine (bath, book, boob, bundle, bed). Pop him off the breast before he falls asleep. Joe walked him to sleep a lot. Our goal: Break the habit of being nursed to sleep.

August 28: Started going back to work. Lots of crappy sleep. Want to completely abandon the sleep plan completely.

Early September: Sam starts napping better at daycare. Who knows why? Still sleeping crappy at night. Still want to abandon the sleep plan.

September 20: Leave Sam to go out on a date. Experience the worse night's sleep EVER. Need to change up the plan.

September 21: Start giving Sam a "lovey" whenever we nurse. Put him down unswaddled so he can get used to sleeping through his spastic movements. Our goal: Now he's not being nursed to sleep, break the habit of swaddling.

September 27: Start putting him in his crib awake. I sit next to the crib and stroke his head while he stares at his mobile and goes to sleep. Our goal: no nursing, no swaddling, no walking to sleep. He falls asleep in his own crib. It's been working for the last three nights (knock on wood!)


Leah Gillette-Fox said...

Way to stick it out! I am dreading this sleep training business... when do you think Sam will start sleeping through the night?

Jen said...

I dreaded the "crying it out". This isn't so bad. Last night, he slept for 2 three hour stretches and then another 1 1/2, so I felt good about that. I think it will still be awhile before he sleeps through the night again because of the teething, but I'm happy w/ our progress.

Anne said...

Thank gosh for you guys - we are currently experiencing the "No Sleep Plan" at our house. Half our books say to let her cry a bit in the crib, with the other half of our books saying to pick them up immediately if they start to cry (along with our pediatrician)! I've been nursing, then Eric burps and diapers her for dad time. I'm hanging on to your every word out here!!!

Lacey said...

You may be sleep deprived but take heart that you are at least smarter than I. (enough to get a book on sleep trainning - I hadn't even heard of such a thing) We just went with whatever was working at the time for both of my little ones. Keep up the hard work - sleep will come eventually. I promise.

Team Eddy said...

Glad you guys are getting a bit more sleep. It's a hard time, but it passes.

michelle said...

Great job! Speaking from a daycare provider's point of view, I hate it when parents bring their baby to me when they hold him to go to sleep! Sure, I understand it but if they don't teach that child to fall asleep on his own then they truely are causing their day here to be MISERABLE because there is no way I can hold him to sleep.

michelle said...

PS I had one little baby that I went through this with and I just put her down to sleep when she was awake. I let her cry it out and it one week she was going down without a peep. At home though she NEVER did that, she would cry and cry until her mom or dad picked her up and rocked her to sleep.

Jen said...

Yeah, Sam naps like a champ at daycare without even crying. His daycare provider said, "Yep, he's got your number." :)