Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

it happened in a dream

It was a rough night last night. Sam was running a fever and couldn't sleep or nurse. And, he didn't even want his dad to look at him. He'd cry whenever he saw Joe come into his room.

So, it was mom-duty all night long. From 11:15pm to 4:21 am this morning, when I finally decided to call in Joe, in spite of Sam's wishes.

When I finally fell asleep, I thought Sam was falling off the bed and reached out to grab him...

...only to find I was desperately clutching a pouting Schatzi, who'd been sleeping on my feet.


Leah Gillette-Fox said...

Oh I hate dreams like that. They feel so real but aren't. Sam has had a few too where we both think that Millie is in bed with us and we are looking for her. In real life he looks at me and says, where's Millie I need to put her back in her bed and I remind him she's already there. Scary stuff! I guess when you are sleep deprived that stuff happens.

Hope your travels to see the new little ones is safe. I feel like a stalker because I don't really know them but I can't wait to see photos!

mandy said...

Oh man...if I could bottle some sleep and send it to you guys, it would already be in the mail! Make sure to drive safe so you can see those new little nieces in one piece. :o)