Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, November 14, 2008

what do you call it?

My nephew, Noah, was a champion nurser. He loved nursing, which his family calls "having a boob". I thought this was a cute phrase until Noah started talking and, instead of calling Amy "mama", just began referring her "Boo". Later, as his language skills progressed, he'd shout, "Have a boob?" in public.

Because of this, I swore I'd never refer to nursing as "having a boob" to Sam. My mom meticulously refers to it as "breastfeeding", which I find cumbersome. We used to say, "Do you want to nurse?" but it never came naturally because I always associated nursing with my profession and not really with attaching an infant to my boob. We then tried, "Do you want to eat?" but now we're using "eat" for eating solids. Someone suggested "num-nums", but I felt stupid saying that.

So, in our sleep-deprived state and subsequent lack of creativity, we have fallen back on "having a boob." Tancie will call me and say, "Sam thinks it's time for a boob." Or Joe will say, "Your boy needs a boob." Or, I'll tell Sam, "Let's have a boob and go to bed."

I'm sure his first word will be "boob".

He'll probably say it in church.


What do you call it?


Team Eddy said...

See? It's hard to change vernacular. However, considering what else you could call it, "boob" is pretty mild.

Lacey said...

Somehow I managed to never call it anything. Breastfeeding or nursing to inquiring adults but as far as the kids were concerned that was eating....solids were "big girl food".

Deanna said...

We picked it up from our friends and called it "milks" or "mama milks". This was helpful too when we started teaching sign because Daisy could sign "milk" when she wanted to nurse.

Jeppesens said...

I am laughing as I read these. Kids are so dang cute! Kudos to you for still nursing. I never made it past 4 months with either of my girls because it was too hard at work. Have you talked to leanne lately?

raecatherine said...

umm.... even though I don't know Kevin all that well, I get the feeling that maybe if Sam takes after you, it might be an issue. But the son Joe uttering boob during mass? methinks not.


The Chase Family said...

LOL! Yeah this one is pretty funny. I think you can still change the outcome of first words at this point, I wouldn't be too worried about that. Its when you have another baby and your first one is old enough to point out the fact that said baby needs to eat.
(Example: In the grocery store, at the bank or at a friends house, your two and half year old hears baby sibling cry and yells "Mom! The baby needs your boob!" Just try explaining a breast pump to the toddler too!)

mandy said...

I'm afraid we've started calling it `boob juice` after it is pumped (after my daily `milking` at work) but when I'm home and the milk bar is open we usually just ask her if she's ready to eat. ;) Of course, Anna hasn't started solid foods yet so we haven't had to distinguish...glad I read this post though, now I'm going to have to think about what I'm willing to have shouted out in public. :P

Anne said...

I like the "big girl/boy" distinction, along with the sign language. "Are you hungry?" is typically used in our house...although I will probably keel over if Gwen answers back right away. "Boob" was a bad word at our house growing for some reason it gives immense satifaction to say it now, but we usually (Anne to Eric conversation) call it nursing.

Randi said...

jen, this is hilarious! i was laughing so hard as i read it, and also just thinking about how much i miss that cherished bonding time with my own babes...

anyway, i was just reading kevin's blog and saw a link to yours so i came over to check out your life... what a cute boy you have! and congrats on being an aunty to twin girls - how incredibly special for you and amy : )

~randi leister (katzenberger)