Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the twelve days of Christmas (part one)

We began our prolonged Christmas celebration the Saturday before with a few days in Spokane. We celebrated early (on the 23rd) with all the Cletos (minus Lola and Uncle Noy due to bad roads) crammed into Team Eddy's teensy-weensy house. We had a fabulous prime rib dinner (made by Aunt Rissa, who is generally not a good cook, but did amazingly well on this...a Christmas miracle, perhaps? It's probably the best thing she has ever cooked in her whole life). Moka and Sam look expectantly at the dinner below.
We also unwrapped gifts and had some good visiting time, as well as our traditional game of Jeopardy (although Amy "Trebec" has now been replaced by Hailey "Trebec"). Our team, Sam and the Reindeer, won...although the categories of "Celebrity Trivia" and "7th grade social studies" gave us a little bit of trouble. Here is Aunt Becca with her favorite Christmas gift. Noah got a helmet and elbow/knee pads from his Lala. Notice he's not wearing pants.
Tancie and Lauren snuggled with Kate and Glory. It was a good day for them. Lauren became well-versed in changing cloth diapers.
Sydney played with Sam and his new drum (thanks, Eddys, for this loud, musical, really, thank you.)

Afterwards, the sisins (Tance, Lauren, Hails, Syd, Amy, Jen), Noah, and Joe headed over to a nearby hotel to swim and have some fun while Aunt Ris and Mom watched the under-one-crowd. The younger sisins stayed over night to play games and watch movies, while Amy and I headed home to take care of our respective broods.


Amy said...

You are very welcome for the loud drum. Thanks for encouraging my son to eat his boogers.

Laura said...

payback time, I see!