Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I got the 32 week blues

I've been feeling sorry for myself lately and it's been hard to get in the Christmas spirit.

I have bronchitis and cracked some cartilage in between my ribs between all my coughing spells...then Pudge decided to start karate chopping that same spot.
Also, I really hate it when I cough and realize, too late, that I should have emptied my bladder before it got this full.

I'm a little anemic and all I want to do is sleep 15 hours a day.
But, I can't because Pudge likes to party it up whenever I lay down. Seriously. The bed shakes.

I feel so bad for myself that Joe says I moan in my sleep. I believe him. That's how miserable I am.
My back hurts. My legs ache. My shoulder blades are numb from carrying a 30lb toddler and a 4lb fetus.

Several conscientious co-workers have thoughtfully pointed out: Did I realize my face was starting to get so puffy? Yes, yes, I did. Thanks.

It's miserable being 32 weeks pregnant.
Except today, I realized I'm only thirty-ONE weeks pregnant.


Friday, December 18, 2009

girls' weekend

My mother and I have a complicated relationship, like most mothers and daughters. We can have a great time together while simultaneously driving each other crazy. Throw in my sister and it's a whole new level of chaotic fun, tension, and laughter. (Actually, throw in my sister and it's more fun, less tension, but you get the idea...).So, last weekend, I went to Portland for a class in reading capsule endoscopy. Joe offered to watch Sam in Idaho Falls so I could spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying Portland life. I pondered how wonderful a weekend in a 4 star hotel bed would be, but then thought, "How fun would it be to have a girls' weekend without kids?!?" Amy had some lame excuse about raising 3 kids and taking call for her vascular surgery rotation, but Mom said she'd join me.

The things that made me crazy:
1. She actually FORGOT to book her flight for the trip. She realized this the day before our trip.
2. She puts her feet on me when I sleep. (I put my feet on Joe when I sleep, but this is a completely separate issue).
3. She has to pack her own coffee "just in case the hotel doesn't have any". I'm pretty sure the Hilton regularly stocks its coffee supply.

Chaotic fun times:
1. Spent the afternoon shopping for new clothes for Mom and toys for the kiddos.
2. Mom let me choose every single restaurant we ate at and never complained about my constant pregnancy hunger.
3. When I complained about looking like a barn while my middle-aged mother looks like a supermodel, she hugged me and said, "You're pregnant. It's fine."

Friday, December 11, 2009

29 is fine

This is a belated birthday shout-out to my wonderful husband who turned 29 on December 9. In traditional birthday fashion, we had Kaufman lasagna and from-scratch chocolate birthday cake. His one request was to go duck hunting this morning, but, alas, his duck pond finally froze over. Instead, he is on solo boy-duty so I can attend a class in Portland. What a guy.

Happy birthday, babe. Hope you and the boy-child have a good weekend together!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Welcome back!

Hi, Sam here with some exciting news: Uncle Phil is back from California! Whoo hoo! We're excited that he's moved back to Ltown and we'll get to see him more often. Dad's excited to have his hunting and music buddy back, Sam is excited to play with Uncle Phil, and Mom...well, she just likes Uncle Phil and looks forward to hanging out with him more.

playing blocks with Grandpa

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Turkey Day, part two

Hi, Sam here. The next day, we went to Lala's house for Turkey Day, Part Two. My Lala is so much fun and a great person, but she's not a great cook. As my Mom & Ninang like to say, "She has other strengths." So, we voted to buy a catered turkey dinner, which everyone was happy with. Mandi, Jerry, and Jolie came to join the party. I even shared my toys with Jolie. And, then took them right back. Mom says we're still working on the sharing. But since then, I've been obsessed with Jolie. Whenever I see her picture on the piano, I point to her and ask "[Who's] that?". And Mom says, "Jolie!" And, I laugh, laugh,'s the funniest joke ever and never gets old. We do it about 100 times a day. Never gets old.

The Stroscheins came over to play cars and trucks, too. (This, incidentally, is the only picture of Dad that Mom took over Thanksgiving. Dad says she must get tired of looking at him at home all the time). I helped Mary Kate learn where her nose was. Later, Jolie went down for a nap and I figured out I could dump out all the toys and actually get in the toy bin. Phenomenal discovery! Now I've been doing it with all my toy bins at home. Such fun! Why didn't I figure this out sooner?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Turkey Day!

Hi, Sam here. Mom says I get to write our annual Thanksgiving post. This year rocked! I got to eat way more than last year because now I have 16 teeth instead of just 1. Mom and I left Ninang's house a little late because we forgot my white noise machine and Mom says that thing is worth its weight in gold, so we had to go back and get it. I could sense today was a special day and Mom let me watch a DVD on the drive to Keuterville to party it up with the Poxleitners; I was so excited I only slept 45 minutes the whole day! When we got to Keuterville, the party was in full swing and the food was delicious. Nancy makes this stuff called raspberry lush that is the best stuff I've ever eaten. But, Mom said I had to share with Dad because she was already sharing her lush with Pudge. Mom...she gets so touchy about her food sharing these days.There were tons of kids there, too, but none of them really were all that excited about playing with me once they learned I like to scratch faces. (Sorry about your ear, Zane). So, I cuddled with this dinosaur and scratched Uncle Jeff in the face instead. (Sorry about your forehead, Uncle Jeff). Mom says she hopes Pudge's eyes make it through infancy. Oh, and I played with Grandpa and Uncle Phil and Donna and Grandma...and, well, anyone who was big enough to protect their eyes. The grown-ups played some card games and visited while I ran out around like a maniac and tried to vex my parents by trying to touch the wood stove. And then we all watched Dennis the Menace while I snuggled with Grandma and Grandpa. I especially liked Dad's cousin, Shari. Mom said they should just sneak out while I was off stalking Shari, but Dad thought she'd want to send me back pretty quickly, especially because it was getting close to bedtime. And...we even had another Thanksgiving dinner the next day at Lala's house. The party never stops with these people! (To be continued....)

Kate and Glory's first birthday present

Kate & Glory's first birthday coincided with our holiday travel, so we brought up their birthday present. (I include the link because you might not be able to see what actually is sparking all the ensuing chaos). It all starts innocently enough, with Kate and Glory tentatively ripping at the paper. Then the boys get involved. Noah helps by directing his parents while he "reads" the directions. A birds-eye view of the chaos. (Notice who's riding the train...hint: it's not a birthday girl).And, here are the girls with their very large Ninang (that was a LOT of baby to carry for the picture!).

Sunday, December 06, 2009

and thus begins our Thanksgiving saga...

Thank you for your patience, gentle readers. We now have uploaded all our pictures and are ready to narrate our Thanksgiving adventure for you. Our adventure began the Wednesday before with a great drive up to Spokane to stay the night with Team Eddy. We love Team Eddy. In fact, I think Sam wishes he were an Eddy child. Everything at their house is so kid-friendly, well, because that's the majority of the population in their household. And, no Eddy parent ever balked at changing my child's diaper. (Careful, we might move in!)
I got a great night's sleep in their wonderful king size bed with my sister and Noah while Kevin got up with the little kids early in the morning. Then we worked on snapping the Eddy family Christmas picture, which, as you may have already guessed, was like herding cats.
Like trying to drink water upside down. Like eating jelly beans with chopsticks. Like trying to paint your toenails when you're 29 weeks pregnant. We finally got a good one, but you'll have to wait for your annual Eddy Christmas card to see it. (It doesn't include the honorary 4th Eddy child, though, so some critics find it somewhat lacking).

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Casa Kaufman updates

  • Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We got a new SD card that our computer doesn't know how to read. We're working on it.
  • Made it back from Lewiston for Thanksgiving and had a fabulous time. We just can't get enough of that 1200mile round trip. No, seriously. Ok, maybe we're being sarcastic, but we *do* really like the people at the other end of the drive.
  • Joe flew to Seattle to pick up my grandparents and drive them home from my grandpa's 3 week long stay at Swedish for lung cancer surgery (he's doing well, though). So...Sam and I made the drive to Ltown by ourselves. Sam was a GEM and the roads were good, so we all felt blessed.
  • Sam had his 18 month well child check this month and has grown 2 inches in 2 months. His weight is holding steady at a solid 28lbs. He looks like he has a neck now.
  • Pudge and I had our 28 week check. Passed the one hour glucose tolerance test with flying colors...bring on the carbs! Late pregnancy continues to be filled with so many fun new adventures, like insomnia and restless leg syndrome, but I know it will make the sleepless days of newbornhood seem like a breeze.
And, DRUMROLL PLEASE...Sam finally said "Mama" on Tuesday. For months, he has said "Dada" with a grin whenever I've asked him, "What's my name?". Joe and I even referred to ourselves as "Dada and the nameless woman who carried you for nine months." Those nameless days are over and I don't think I've ever heard a sweeter sound. He says it like "", like a little Italian.

And that's the news from Casa Kaufman...where the men are good-looking, the women are called Mama, and the child is above average.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a messy endeavor

Mealtime is a messy endeavor. Awhile ago, a reader commented that I was brave in not putting a bib on Sam. Sam likes to explore his food, not just eat it. He likes to chew it up, spit it out, rub it in between his hands, dry those same hands on his hair.

It's not that I'm brave. I just feel like putting a bib on Sam is...well, like putting a BandAid on a gushing artery. The front of his shirt is clean...but nothing else is.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

love affair

Sam has a love affair with sticks. Sticks of any shape or size. Actually, the longer and more likely to inflict injury on himself or bystanders, the better.I lump this love affair into the category of "Things I Do Not Understand About Raising a BoyChild." The category grows bigger by the day.Also included in this category: why Sam must dip his hand in the dog water and then lick it.