Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

bottles o' fun

We have a few bottles that we got as gifts that are cute, but didn't take the nipples Sam was used to. So, we've been using them as toys. I give him one when I change his diaper. Or, to play with while I'm making dinner.

Last night, he discovered they make fabulous toys to chase around the living room. What can I say? He's an inventive kid.


Sorry for the choppy camerawork midway through. I got the giggles.


Anne said...

How long has Sam been crawling and able to sit up like that? It seems like yesterday that we had the videos of him working to roll over. Time flies!

Jen said...

Let's see...he's been sitting up for two months or so now, but just started crawling after New Years.

mandy said...

I know you guys are dog owners, so hopefully you won't hate me when I say that he reminds me of a cute little puppy, playing with a tennis ball (which is only meant as a compliment). ;o) And, just like a puppy, it's the inexpensive and impromptu stuff they seem to like best! At least he's not chewing it to pieces and leaving it on the rug. ;o)