Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, February 09, 2009

an enticing offer

For the past few weeks, Noah has been calling me, asking me when I'm planning to come and visit him. And, he often tries to talk me into visiting sooner with some sweet deals.

"Ninang, you have to come to my house. I have toys here. You don't have toys at your house."

"Ninang, when will you come to my house? We are eating food here. You don't have food at your house."

Who can resist an offer like that? So, Wednesday, Tancie, Sam and I are off to visit our northern relatives. Pray for good roads, a happy Sam, and lots of toys and food in Spokane.


Amy said...

Ninang, we are so glad you are coming to visit. How have you survived so long without toys or food?

raecatherine said...

that mr noah is no fool...he knows how to wheel and deal with the best of them. =) good thing too, cause he's outnumbered by the ladies now.