Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I asked my friend, Mandy, who is another tired mom, if I could share this email with you.


I had to send a note about your blog—when I saw your “Days till MAUI” countdown a little while ago, I immediately started wondering…”M.A.U.I.”? What does that stand for? Some kind of medical thing maybe? Or Mothers Against Underage Ilks?

Seriously, it took me days…until one day it hit me. Not M.A.U.I., but Maui…like, Hawaii…like, I really need a vacation. ;o)

Anyway, just had to pass this on so you could laugh at me like I laughed at myself. Hope that you guys are all doing well, I love reading your blog every week.
Take care,

Yes, Joe and I are headed for Maui in 12 short days. It will be the first time we've left Sam, but he's staying with his Ninang, so he won't even notice we're gone.


Leah Gillette-Fox said...

He'll notice but what fun! Good for the two of you getting out and about. How long will you be gone for? Are you going for anything special or just getting away?

Laura said...

lucky lucky...I hope you take lots of pictures to share with your loyal readers ;)

Jen said...

We'll be gone for a week. I have a GI conference for 5 days and then we'll play the rest of the time.

The Chase Family said...

You know, when they send you places to go just to update people in the filed of GI work, I wonder about motives. Do they say "hmmm....where do we want the conference this year?" Then suddenly its in Hawaii! Someone was thinking drinks with umbrellas! Anyway, have fun and I must say you have more courage than I do, I couldnt' leave Thomas alone til he was eighteen months...and then only with his dad and grandma! But then again, if I had a double who could cover as me, I think I could handle it!

The Chase Family said...

Ok, what I really meant was field of GI work. Forgive me, I am tired!