Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, February 05, 2009

random musings about colonoscopy (part five)

I tell my patients to expect bloating after they have a colonoscopy. After all, the endoscopist insufflates the colon with gas and the patient later has to pass that out.

My gut grumbled all day long. And, all night long.

Through out the night, Sam kept waking up and babbling away. I finally got up to check on him, only to find him sound asleep.

Turns out it was my gut babbling away.


The Farmer's Wife said...

I'm not sure I know you well enough to comment on colonoscopy stuff....

My mom said the best thing (if there is such a thing as a bright side with this) is that she lost something like 8 lbs. in 24 hours. A new personal best! So even though you're making rather rude noises, gastronomically speaking, you probably look quite slim.

I think it's funny that your Mommy hearing tuned you in! Hope all turns out well.

I'm lurking from Farmchick's Frantics again...I can't help it! My life is so teeny that I have to read ANNE'S friend's lives and comment. I need to get out...

raecatherine said...

This series is so much better than any 'random 6 facts' and pretty darn funny. Perhaps you should put it in a little newsletter and give it some of your more reluctant (or more fun-loving) patients!