Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, February 20, 2009

rattling his cage

With our ever-more-mobile son, we have begun sectioning off our house with baby gates. Sam's favorite gate is across the hallway to the kitchen. It's not his favorite because he enjoys being quarantined; it's his favorite because it makes noise when it rattles!

Here is Sam and his fellow "prisoners", although Doc usually loses interest quickly. Schatzi resigns herself and settles down to do her time with that darn baby. Solidarity, sister! We'll break out!

I think I can wiggle this loose. Almost there.

Argh! Foiled again.
(Actually, he's laughing...a big, open-mouthed belly laugh).


The Farmer's Wife said...

Funny! My Brit still hasn't forgiven me for bringing in two unauthorized "pets" (kids) to the family. I love how the Shatzi is looking through the bars...all she needs is a striped cap, like the old fashioned prisoners.

Sam seems to have recovered from the tumble nicely. How are YOU holding up?

Jen said...

HAving a mobile child is both a blessing and a curse. I enjoy his little bit of newfound independence and my arms are relieved to have some reprieve from there usual 23 lbs load. But, my heart breaks every time he tumbles. It takes all my energy to not make a big deal out of each and every tumble!

Laura said...


raecatherine said...

holy cow, that kid is getting so big! love the storyline along with the photos. =) Is he walking??? I may have missed that post.

The Chase Family said...

Hey Jen! Those are such cute pictures! I didn't know you were off to Hawaii! Where did you get that cute ticker for counting down the trip!