Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, July 06, 2009


It's not that I'm not patriotic, but I'm just not crazy about the Fourth of July in the same way all southeast Idahoans are. We've lived here for four years and every year, I promise Joe will go to the fireworks show...and every year, it somehow doesn't work out.

The first year, I was in Lewiston, getting Schatzi.

The second year, I was ticked off that people had quadruple parked, completely blocking off my street. Somehow, spending an hour trying to make my way back home caused me to lose my Fourth of July spirit.

The third year, we lost track of time, completely missing the show.

This year, I really was planning to go, but Sam was already in bed and what pregnant woman wants to stay up till 10pm to watch some fireworks?

Joe: You know I'm going to hold this over your head, right? I'm going to bring it up every 4th of July until you actually take me to the fireworks, right?

Jen: I know. We'll go next year. I promise.

Joe: Really?

Jen: No...I'm tired of lying to your face. We probably won't go next year either. Sorry.


Grumpy said...

Joe --
Any 4th of July with Grumpy, and we'll make sure there is a good show for you.

Erika said...

Don't worry Jen, we didn't do the fireworks thing either! I think Caleb would have screamed through the whole thing while Andrew may have enjoyed it. Caleb isn't a lover of loud noises - although he sure makes plenty of loud noises!!!

aunt tance said...

i was going to make a really inappropriate joke about fireworks and your bedroom....but i will refrain :)
jeez jen, send joe over here and i'll take him to the fireworks in new york!!

Grumpy said...

C'mon, Jen, even Amy and Noay did sparklers with us this year . . .

Jen said...

Grumpy, is this like your personal mission or something?? :)