Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sam's first word

About 2 weeks ago, Sam said his first word. Not "Mom" in honor of the woman who carried him for nine miserable months. Not "Dad" in honor of the man who now takes care of him 24-7 while Mom is sick.

It's "Uh-oh."

He says it all the time. When he drops something. When he falls. When a dog knocks him over.

Yesterday at breakfast, Sam started saying, "Uh-oh" for everything. When Joe came in the room. When Doc ate Sam's graham cracker. When he wanted more milk.

Sam: Uh-oh.
Joe: Sam, have you ever seen "the Princess Bride"?
Jen (simultaneously): "I do not think that the word means what you think it means."


Erika said...

Caleb's first word was "that" and then it went on to "what's that" sounding more like "wha dat". But it is amazing to listen to him mimicking everything we say.

Sorry we missed seeing you while we were in town! Hopefully next time we have more time in the area to visit friends.

mandy said...

Anybody want a peanut? (Sorry, couldn't resist, I love Andre the Giant).

Anna also loves uh-oh and her second favorite is probably "Yaaaaay" while she's clapping for herself after we tell her she's done a good job. It's amazing when they start talking and vocalizing what's going on in their little heads!

Rae said...

Sounds awfully cute! I bet "Mom" and "Dad" is not far behind....

Grumpy said...

Jen and Joe -- Sam is just thinking about his cousin Noah, now that Kate and Glory can crawl and get to all of Noah's stuff. No wonder Sam keeps repeating "uh-oh" over and over . . .

aunt tance said...

well, considering me and my potty mouth lived with him for a good couple of months, be happy that it wasn't a word that would make a sailor blush :)