Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, August 31, 2009

off in Lala Land

Mom: Happy birthday, Juni! How does it feel to be 29?

Jen: Thanks, Mom. But, I'm 28.

Mom: I know...but today is your birthday, so now you're twenty-nine.

Jen: No, Mom. The year is 2009 and I was born in '81.

Mom: you're 29.

Jen: Mom. Nine minus one is eight. I'm 28.

Mom (really disappointed): Oh. Sorry. I really thought you were 29.

Jen: I know.

Happy birthday to Amy and me! Amy, hopefully, your birthday call from Mom won't include this detailed explanation of how old you are.

oh, what a week!

Sorry about the lack of posts. Last week was...well, awful. After coming home from a wonderful weekend at the Gorge, I came down with the stomach flu and missed 2 days of work. Also, when we walked in the house at 11pm on Sunday night with a crying Sam and a puking Jen, we realized our basement was flooded.

Seventeen hundred dollars later, our basement is dry. (I can still smell the wet smell, but no one else can and I'm pretty sure the contractor thinks I'm crazy). We're catching up on laundry and working on moving furniture back in.

When everything gets settled down, there will be more posts and pictures, pictures, pictures. I promise.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

male bonding

Hi. Sam here. Mom and Dad took me to L-town for their class reunion, so we dropped by the Kaufman farm for some fun times. Grandpa, Uncle Jeff, and Uncle Steve were getting ready to go camping, so I got to be a part of the excitement. I'm a man's man and love all my uncles. They know so much cool stuff. Uncle Jeff let me sit on his motorcycle.

He also helped me sweep the patio. I like a clean patio, just like Grandpa. (I don't get this from my parents, who are inherently messy.)
Dad fed me M&Ms...yum!
And, when Uncle Steve got there, I spotted him clear across the driveway. I was so excited I pointed and yelled for him!And, even though I'm a man's man...I still love my Grandma. She knows a thing or two about raising boys. She showed me all sorts of cool things at the farm, like the 4-H pigs, the barn kitty (who says "Owww"), and the toy tractor and wagon in the barn. She stayed home from the camping trip, so I got to play with her all weekend long while Mom and Dad went to their reunion.

Friday, August 21, 2009

cousinly love

This was the first time that Noah decided his cousin Sam might actually be kind of fun. He hugged Sam. He told Sam he loved him. And then they chased each other around with a blanket. Noah would throw the blanket over Sam and Sam would run out from under it laughing. I almost cried when Noah called Sam his "friend"...blame it on the pregnancy hormones. Sorry about the blurry pictures; it's hard to capture all that boychild activity without a flash.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

class reunion

Last weekend, we loaded up Sam and the dogs and drove (well, Joe drove) the 10 hours to L-town for our 10 year class reunion. We got in at 2am and were exhausted, but it was well worth the trip. Team Eddy, Joe and I all graduated together, so I was really looking forward to our reunion...sort of like one weekend-long double date o'fun. I had my husband to hang out with, my sister to have fun with, and my brother-in-law who is like a brother to laugh with.

Except...I forgot that Joe and I didn't hang out together in high school. So, after one dinner with a few mutual friends (Anne and Mandy & Tim...which, incidentally, was my favorite part of the weekend...okay, maybe my favorite part was dinner the next night when they let all the pregnant women get in the buffet line first), Joe took off one direction to reconnect with his old buddies and left me behind.

It's cool, though. That's the best thing about having a twin sister. We hung out together all the time in high school, so we also hung out together at the reunion. And, Kevin was always a third, I mean, part of our, he hung out with us, too.

Saturday was our formal dinner and our friend Sarah came over to get ready. It was just like the old days when we'd get ready for prom or Junior Miss events...except we had 6 kids running around and 4 baby-sitters chasing them. It was chaos. But, in spite of everything, we cleaned up pretty well.

I had on a different dress right before this picture was taken, but in the time it took me to get dressed and get my picture taken, my boobs suddenly outgrew the dress. Ah, pregnancy, how I love all of your many surprises.

This is my best friend from high school, Colette. Isn't she beautiful? She's smart and funny, too. Way funny. I always wanted to be her in high school, but I'd settle for being her friend. Funny thing about high school reunions...I sort of wanted to be her all over again.Maybe in 20 years, it'll feel a little less like high school. Maybe my husband will actually hang out with me. Maybe I won't be pregnant and will have the joy of a nice drink to relax with. Maybe our class president's boob won't fall out of her dress while she's the only one dancing on the dance floor (ok...I didn't have my glasses on so I'm only 90% sure that's what happened). But, you never know...

taking turns

We were driving home from our class reunion last weekend while Joe lamented the fact that there was so much construction on the drive.

Jen: I'm sorry. And you'll have to fight it again next weekend to when we go to Wendi's wedding.

Joe: What? I thought the deal was I'd drive the whole way this weekend and then you would drive the whole way next weekend.

Jen: Ok. How about I carry this baby this time and you be pregnant with our next baby, then?

I think it's fair. Don't you?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

second haircut

Hi. Sam here. I got my second haircut yesterday and didn't even throw up on anybody. My mom took me to the salon and Megan cut my hair. We were best friends right away because she gave me a rootbeer lollipop. And, then, when we were all done, I got a strawberry lollipop. Getting your haircut is a fun time. I didn't even mind when Megan said I had some super strong cowlicks. Mom thinks I have those because I wedged in the birth canal so long, but I think they make me look spunky. Mom said we'd have to use a lot of gel to get them to lay down so we should just "embrace my natural spike"...whatever that means.
That's all for now. We're heading to Ltown for Mom and Dad's high school reunion this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Would you like a little cheese with that?

I am honestly not saying this to complain (well, maybe a little bit...) but merely to remind myself how I feel the next time I have baby-cravings: pregnancy sucks.

I'm 12 weeks along and still a throwing-up, tired, headach-y, constipated, heartburn-y mom. At least, I don't have swollen ankles yet. And, it's worse the second time because on top of my physical discomforts, I have the guilt of being a totally lame mom to Sam.

I had a little blip of redemption last week and now I'm feeling sick again. I haven't gained back any of the weight I've lost. I'm done eating peanut butter and milk...they don't taste very good the second time around.

I think if we want more babies after this, we're going to have steal them. I'm not growing any more after this. I'm putting this out there so all of you will remind me of this next year when I start craving another baby. I'm not growing any more after this...period.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

my brother's corn maze

Steve K, farmer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, is growing a corn maze. So, if you are in L-town around Halloween, you should check it out.

Monday, August 03, 2009


After months of signing "more" without any return signs from this boychild, I was ready to give up. But, Aunt Deanna wouldn't let me get away with Sam just yelling for food and with her persistence, Sam started signing.