Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, October 30, 2009

Kaufman lasagna

The Kaufmans have a delicious family recipe for lasagna. To get the recipe, you have to marry into the family (not such a bad trade off, in my opinion :). Dori served this lasagna the first Christmas that Joe and I dated. Joe loves it and I try to make it every year for his birthday. (The sauce is a bit labor intensive, so the lasagna only makes an appearance once a year). I made a double batch this weekend because Brandon was in town and I froze a batch for Joe's birthday in December.

Here's Sam's first taste of Kaufman lasagna. It was a big hit, although messy. Not just messy-on-the-child messy, but messy-all-over-the kitchen-messy. Lots of sauce flinging with Sam's amateur utensil-using skills. Yet another reason to only have Kaufman lasagna once a year.


wendi drake said...

It is so true that Kaufman lasagna is the best lasagna on the planet! i love it! and yes, it's labor intensive! sam's so dang cute! i loved the dirt pile pics!

Laura said...


Loretta Poxleitner said...

What, no bib?!! You're living on the edge, girl!

Alaina said...

oh man I thought you were going to give a recipe tutorial ;p. I bet you will have to make it twice a year soon... once for Sam and once for Joe.

Anne said...

Now, if we work out an arranged marriage between Sam and Gwen, does that technically qualify for the recipe? ;)