Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, October 02, 2009

San Francisco treat (part one)

Last April, Mom decided to spend her tax refund on a trip to SF to visit the Suals in September. She generously bought tickets for Amy, Noah, me, and our Lola. (Sam, Kate & Glory are still free lap-infants). So, last Thursday, Sam and I got up early to drive down to Salt Lake. I’d planned to do some shopping at IKEA and, although Sam was feeling kind of crappy, I decided to push ahead with our plan.

This was mistake #1.

Sam was not just feeling crappy. He was running a fever. As I plopped him into a shopping cart, he whimpered and wouldn’t sit up. He didn’t eat lunch. He kept patting his ear. He wouldn’t drink. I’d never seen him that sick before. A few quick phone calls later, my roomie Heather had called in some amoxicillin to a pharmacy near the airport. I thought I’d finish my shopping at IKEA since we were already here and have plenty of time to get to the pharmacy before our flight.

That was mistake #2.

We left IKEA at 12:50pm and drove toward the airport. Our flight was due to leave at 3:01pm, so I figured if we could make it to the airport by 1:30pm to park, check-in, etc.

Mistake #3: Got lost on the way to the pharmacy.

Mistake #4: Didn’t budget time for giving them insurance information while juggling a sick toddler.

Mistake #5: Asked the pharmacy tech for directions to the airport. He sent me out of the parking lot the wrong way.

Mistake #6: Called Kevin to ask him to google directions. He couldn’t find me on a map. Fortunately, he finally figured out where I was…I’d been driving in the exact opposite direction.

We ran through airport security with the help of some kind strangers and made it to the gate at 2:51pm. Boarded at 2:56pm. Took off at 3:01pm, on schedule. It was a miracle.

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Team Eddy said...

Let's do it again...when the kids can all pack for themselves...or maybe when we're so old they have to push us through the airport in wheelchairs...and change our diapers.

Fair is fair.