Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, October 04, 2009

San Francisco treat (part three): Alcatraz

We met Uncle Phil and his friends on the waterfront to tour Alcatraz. It was great to see Uncle Phil and his fun friends and good to get out of the house for awhile. Team Eddy decided to take their own trip to Fisherman’s Wharf at the last minute, so I gave Amy my double stroller and she gave me her Moby wrap for the day.

There are certain lessons I learned that day, which would have made me plan my day much differently had I known them ahead of time.
  1. Alcatraz is a walking tour, uphill, equivalent to climbing 13 stories. It is not for the physically unfit, the pregnant, or the toddlers who refuse to walk or be held by others.
  2. Moby wraps are extremely complicated to use. They consist of one long piece of fabric, several miles long, that you somehow wrap in a complicated fashion around your body to secure your baby to your body. It requires no less than 3 people to help you manage the fabric and once baby is attached, he immediately wants down to run around.
  3. There is no food or beverages allowed in Alcatraz (other than bottled water) unless you are at the dock.
  4. It was nap time.
It could have been worse. Phil and friends offered to carry Sam, but he is going through this Mommy-Klingon stage, so I generously let them carry my diaper bag instead. And, they were all fabulous sports about towing along a crabby toddler and Sam liked talking and smiling at them…even if he wouldn’t let them touch him until the end of the day.

By the grace of God, we made it. About an hour into our adventure, Sam was starting to meltdown, so we struggled to get him back in his Moby wrap and he eventually fell asleep. While we took the audio tour (which was excellent…the part I got to listen to anyway…Sam kept stealing my headphones), I carried a sleeping Sam. It was pretty relaxing to hold my sweet son while he drooled on my chest.

Until about 15 minutes later, when my back remembered that Sweet Drooly Son was also a 30lb kid. And, I was already carrying another child in my very heavy womb.

Thoughts that ran through my head the rest of the tour:

  1. Maybe he’ll wake up and let Phil carry him. He signed “dad” when he saw Phil. He’ll be fine. (No go…Sam slept for 2 ½ hours in that stupid wrap).
  2. Every other parent there was smart enough to bring a stroller. I eyed each stroller covetously. I thought about approaching several parents. “Hey. I notice you have a little $10 umbrella stroller from Target. I have $82 in cash and a worthless Moby wrap I’d love to trade you for that.”
  3. I’d kill for a hot dog. Or any sort of food. Carrying 2 babies makes a pregnant girl hungry.
  4. Speaking of food, Sam is definitely going on a diet when we get home.
Luckily, we made it through the tour and I had a good time in spite of my heavy burden. And, there were hot dogs for sale on the boat home!


Loretta Poxleitner said...

Weren't Phil's friends great? They came with him to Marine World the next day and were incredibly patient about being drug around with our three kids to watch the animal shows all day! Glad you made it through your trip. Sounds like Alcatraz was a challenge!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I'm glad I didn't hear on the news that a parent was found wrapped in miles of Moby wrap, the only clue as to the perpetrater being a trail of Teddy Graham crumbs behind the speed marks of the stolen stroller...

Kaelene Reel said...

Umbrella Strollers are your friends!! Even with a 3 year old, thats the one thing I still haul around.

Jen said...

Phil has great friends. I usually balk at hanging out with people who don't have kids because they don't understand all the extra things that kids have to do (snacks, naps, diapers, etc), but PHil's friends were awesome.

Deanna said...

Just think, even if you had a stroller he probably wouldn't have wanted to ride in it. Right?

Nani said...

Dunno how you do it Jen....he is adorable in his pics!

Love you,