Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Saturday, October 03, 2009

San Francisco treat (part two): Return of the 30lb chest sleeper

Traveling with a toddler is always an adventure, but typically, Sam is pretty easy going with changes in his schedule. Except he had an ear infection. So, from the time we landed to the time Amy and crew arrived 3 hours later, he cried pretty much non-stop. Sick. Overtired. Just wanting his bed.

Except he was past the point of wanting his bed. This is how our night went:

8pm: In jammies and down in his crib.

8:45pm: Still crying. I lay down with him in my bed. He crawls on top of me and we both fall asleep.

9:45pm: My arm is asleep. I try to shift. Sam wakes up.

9:50pm: Sam is back asleep and so is my arm.

10:31 pm: I can’t breathe. 30lb toddler is squeezing all the air out of my lungs like a little boa constrictor. I try to sit up a little and breathe a sigh of relief as Sam stays asleep.

12:03 am: I wake up with my neck kinked in between pillows. My chest is covered in Sam drool. Nice. I have to pee but there’s no budging Sam from his spot on top of my chest. I try. He just clenches his fat little arms around my neck tighter.

1:15am: Pudge is pissed that Sam is squishing him and is kicking like crazy. I suppress the urge to kick back. He’s squishing me, too, Pudge. I feel your pain.

1:30am: Pudge settles down. Sam starts to cry.

1:40am: Everyone is back to sleep.

4am: Sam is awake, ready to party and HUNGRY! He starts going through all of our bags in a search for food.

4:05am: Aahh, cheezits! Tootsie pops! String cheese!

5am: Satiated and back in his crib.

7am: Is it really morning already? Really?


thejorgensens said...

I really enjoyed how Pudge is getting his/her feelings into the mix!
Ian has been doing the same anytime I hold Ella on my lap for too long... I'm thinking he doesn't like to share!

Rae said...

OH man, what a night. Hope Sam's on his way to doing better soon.