Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, February 28, 2010

newborn days

Ah, newborn days. Days of Andie sleeping, pooping, and nursing. Nights are getting a little better since I've cut dairy out of my diet. Thank God for Lala, who takes Andie from 9:30 until her midnight feeding so I can get a little sleep. Really, though, she is a sweet cuddlebug and it wouldn't be as much of a hardship in the sleep department if I didn't have her brother to chase (literally) during day time hours. I often wonder if she stays awake at night so she can get a little individual attention of her own.

Over all, things are going well. We feel blessed with our growing family and the new joys and challenges having a second child brings. Andie, we love your funny faces and the way you growl when you are ready to eat, but the milk isn't coming fast enough. Hey, you don't get to be 8lbs at your 2 week check by just laying around and waiting for someone to feed you, right?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is my mom-friend, LeAnne. I'm really lucky to have her as a friend. When I first met her in our grad school orientation, I thought she was too cute to be a serious student. Later,I was proved wrong when I joined her study group after we moved to Idaho Falls. Brains and beauty, great taste in clothes...and a generous heart. This girl has it all.

LeAnne dropped everything to come watch Sam when we went into labor and then went to work the next day, in spite of being up all night. Last week, she came to meet Andie and drop off a ton of presents: a whole wardrobe of cute girly clothes for Andie, 2 trains for Sam, and a comfy set of PJs and some lotion and body spray for the new mama.

LeAnne's the best mom-friend a girl could have.

For some reason, blogger won't let me move pictures right now and I'm too sleep deprived to figure it out. I thought you could just deal with it. You know what I mean.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2 weeks

Andie is 2 weeks old today.
Here are the stats:
  • 8lbs even. From her lowest weight at 6lb 12oz, this represents a 20 oz gain over 11 days! Normally, newborns gain an ounce a day. We know how to grow 'em at Casa Kaufman.
  • 21 inches long, grown 1/2 an inch.
  • I am going to try cutting milk out of my diet to see if it helps Andie's gas. Otherwise we are doing well, though Andie could be a better sleeper.
Thankfully Lala arrived last weekend and that woman can do dishes like none other. She also has a portable disco on her cell phone, which Sam loves of course.

And that's the news from Casa Kaufman, where the men change countless diapers, the women grow fat babies, and both children are above average.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

due date

Today is my due date. I'm SO glad I'm not pregnant and waiting to go into labor. Here's the news from Casa Kaufman.

Nursing is going better. I now have a surplus of milk, but Miss Andie is somewhat of a snacker. She'll nurse for a few minutes and then nap. It takes an eternity to feed her, but she is slowly becoming more efficient.We're tired. Everyone. The parents. The kids. The dogs. Sam's been watching a shameful amount of TV lately and Doc's been joining him. Andie thinks she's an Eddy child and is not sleeping at night...just in the daytime.Sam's been adjusting well. We've had a few meltdowns, but over all, it's been going better than expected. Of course, he's been going to daycare this week since I didn't think we'd have a baby yet. Next week, I'll be the mom of two. Thank goodness my mom will be arriving tomorrow.Aunt Deanna and Dani came to visit this week and meet Andie. We got birth announcement pictures taken and wrangled some babies and napped. That's about all we got done. And that's the news from Casa Kaufman, where the men wish they got more sleep, the women wish they got more sleep, and the children are above average.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Andie's birth story

Picture courtesy of Deanna Gemmer

I think you started trying to make your arrival Sunday, February 7. I had some regular contractions and walked up and down our hallway to keep them going, but they eventually faded. Dad took Sam out to run amok so I could rest. That night, I had a dream we had a little girl and even told your Dad about it, but blew it off myself, so sure we were having a little boy.

Monday morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and energized. No more contractions, just a little bit of cramping. Later that morning, I talked to your Uncle Kevin and Noah, who were sending Sam a letter and a big brother present. I mentioned that I was having some spotting and Uncle Kevin (wise man that he is) thought maybe I'd lost my mucus plug and was going into labor. I felt way too good to be going into labor, but then I talked to Mom-friend, LeAnne, and she thought I should call my doctor.

The nurse thought I should get checked, so I went in at 1:45pm and they found out I was already 5cm dilated! I went to work to wrap a few loose ends and went home to labor for awhile. I called your Ninang (who jumped in the car with Noah and drove all the way to IF for your birth!), your Lala, and your Grandma to let them know you were on your way. At 3 or 4pm, I called your dad and told him he should come home from work because I was having more regular contractions and incredible nausea. Mom-friend LeAnne came up to get Sam from daycare.

We went to the hospital and walked around for awhile, but it took us a few hours to make any progress. We tried the birthing ball and breathing exercises for a few hours. After a few hours, they placed my epidural (which was wonderful!) and broke my water. I was having contractions, but not especially strong ones, so they also started Pitocin.

Laboring with you was a breeze compared to laboring with your brother. I still had nausea, rigors, and went through a whole bottle of TUMS because of heartburn, but for the most part, I was really comfortable and didn't have any back pain.

Dad kept everyone updated via the blog on our progress. Ninang and Noah arrived at the hospital around midnight.

You were posterior...just like your brother. Bummer. It was hard to get you out; you kept slipping back in between pushes and the doctor used a vaccuum to help you out. I touched your head at one point so I knew we were getting closer. The cord was wrapped around your neck, twice, so you had some hard times with the pushing and during some contractions. Noah helped by yelling, "Push, Ninang!" After a half hour of pushing, you arrived at 1:58am on Tuesday, February 9.

And then, he placed you on my belly. Your legs were folded up and no one said whether you were a girl or a boy, so I assumed you were a boy...until someone said "her". And then I started crying and saying over and over again, "It's a girl? It's a girl?". I was so surprised.

Even though your initial Apgar was only 6, Daydree (our nurse) knew it was important for me to hold you right away. So, I got to hold you and snuggle you for a little while. Then, they weighed you, cleaned you up, gave you oxygen and you perked up. Apgar was 9 at 5 minutes. And then I nursed you. You were so awake and alert. And looked just like Sam did as a newborn. You weighed 7lb 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long (just about the same size as your brother). So beautiful, even with your cone head. I marveled at how your Dad and I were so blessed to have a second wonderful little baby.

We named you after your grandmas, both wonderful, strong women whom we hope you will take after: Natalie Doris. We call you "Andie" after your initials ("ND"), which is something I thought your brother could easily say (he can't, though). And, it turns out, Andy Kaufman was a famous comedian...something I did not know until the pediatrician informed me the morning after you were born.

Welcome to our family, sis. We're so glad you are here.


Monday, February 15, 2010

big brother Sam

You can't say her name, so you just call her "Baby".
She is the first one you ask for when you wake up and the last one you wonder about when you go to bed at night.
You're fascinated with touching the bows in her hair and smooshing her nose.
Being both of your moms is a true joy. It'll be even better when your sister sleeps through the night.
Love, Mom

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You don't think I notice, but I do

My friend, Deanna, is quite crafty and came up with this Valentine's Day idea. I'm not crafty, so here's my version in a blog post. No photos. No felt stiffner. But, the sentiment is the same.
I notice that you let me nap whenever I want.
I notice you come up with fun ideas for our busy, busy boy.
I notice how you have completely fallen in love with our snuggly little girl.
I notice that you always thank me for growing our baby.
I notice how you take out the trash and the diaper pail so I don't have to get snow in my shoes.
I notice you always tell me I'm looking good...even if I'm pregnant, or have postpartum cankles, or haven't slept more than 2 hours in a row for the last 3 days, or am still carrying baby weight from Sam.
I notice how you shovel the walk and de-ice the stairs (with pet/kid-friendly deicer!) so I don't slip on my way to the car.
I notice that you don't ask me "What's for dinner?" any more because you know it stresses me out...and you offer to bring home pizza.

I notice that you bring me hot cocoa each night because it helps me relax.

Joe, you are a wonderful husband to me and a great father to our children. Happy Valentine's Day, handsome!

Friday, February 12, 2010

what a day

Today has been one of those days.

My milk hasn't come in yet. I started the day by finding an unattended Sam cheerfully scooping cold cocoa out of the mug by my bed..barehanded...onto my clean sheets. And I ended the day by getting Andie's bili lights set up. Overwhelmed. Tired. Not sure how much more I can take. Why did I pray for my baby to come early before all my help got here from out of town?

What is it about having a jaundiced baby that makes me feel like such a failure? The nurse in me knows everything will be all right and it's really no big deal, but the postpartum mother in me has fallen to pieces several times today. I felt the same way when Sam was a newborn: like my body is failing me. My purpose right now is to make milk to feed my baby and it's nowhere to be found. Unlike Sam, though, Andie is not interested in an empty boob for we have an inconsolable baby and an inconsolable mother these days.

After getting Andie set up on the bili lights and talking to the wonderful lactation consultant at the hospital today who reassured me that things were going to be all right (and I got several ounces of formula down my cranky girl with my jerry-rigged SNS), I feel a little better. I'm sure I'll feel better next week when my milk will be in and my biggest concern will be why my daughter doesn't sleep through the night.

Also, having a cute girl like this doesn't hurt.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sam drives the big red car

That's from the Wiggles, for all of you non-kid TV viewers out there.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

playing at the mall

PS. Happy birthday, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Sydney!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Natalie Doris Kaufman

Natalie or Andie was born at 1:58 am today. She and her mother are doing well and here is a few quick pictures. Jen and I think she looks alot like Sam, and are both a little surprised she is a girl.She is thinking it over (do I want to eat or not?)
Meeting Noah
Testing her lungsAndie and her parents (maybe 10 minutes old)
Later this morningSam meeting Andie.

Thanks also to Amy the long distance driver and photographer.


That's "trains", for those of you who don't speak Sam-lish. Another one of our regular weekend activities involves frequenting Hastings or Barnes & Noble, pretending to browse like real customers, and letting our son play with their train tables.Choo-choo!
Natalie Doris (Andie) Kaufman. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. Pics to follow ASAP.
Its a girl, 7 lbs 10 oz
Jen is starting to push.
They are saying within an hour or so. Not long now sportsfans.
Amy just made it here. More intense contractions

Monday, February 08, 2010

7cm, starting a little pitocin.
Epidural is helping Jen rest a little though these contractions. Will be checked again soon.
Progressing steadily. Epidural coming soon.
We are at the hospital. Looks like Pudge will be here in the next 24 hrs. Stay tuned.

Pudge update

This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed. I also woke up because I was having contractions. Unfortunately, they stopped.

Then, I noticed I was having some spotting. My brother-in-law, Kevin, pointed out to me that maybe this meant I lost my mucus plug. Mom-friend, LeAnne, thought I should go get checked.

Turns out I'm 5cm dilated and almost 100% effaced. Not having regular contractions, but nauseated as all get out. Not in pain, so they told me to labor at home for awhile and then head to the hospital.

Baby's coming in 24 hours or so!

busy boy

This is my busy, busy son. My sister says he is busier than all 3 of her kids put together. His daycare teacher, in fact, verified that Sam is the busiest boy in his class of all boys. Mom Kaufman says, "Well, you wouldn't just want him to be a lump, would you?" Really? Sometimes, I would.

So, facing another Saturday in snow-bound Idaho Falls, we packed up a McDonald's picnic and headed to the mall to run around before it opened.

Sam ran for 2 hours straight. His dad chased him. His pregnant mother lugged the diaper bag and camera and waddled slowly behind.

He may be a busy boy, but he is also one of the happiest boys I've ever seen.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dad, I think I need my own snow boots!

First off, we haven't headed to the hospital yet, but remain hopeful that things will happen soon.

In the meantime we have many little adventures like this:

What are these things?
How do I get these ON?
Dad, this is easy!
I think you can tell where Sam is headed in the last picture.

Friday, February 05, 2010

38 weeks

Well, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and becoming more difficult to live with by the day.

I'm hot.

My back hurts.

I get these crazy bursts of energy to start projects that I can't finish.

One bowl of Lucky Charms gives me crazy heartburn for the rest of the day.

My belly is so big that my arms have become functionally shorter; I can't reach the fish sticks in the bottom of the freezer or the laundry in the bottom of the washing machine. Or, the burners at the back of the stove. Or, Sam's blankie in his crib. Joe thinks it's funny to mimic my struggles by sticking his arms inside his sleeves and making T. Rex noises; I think he knows that I can't chase him down even if I wanted to.

I'll have several hours of regular contractions that "allow" me to practice my breathing exercises, but inevitably...they stop. And, I find myself still pregnant. Still.

However, there is an end in sight. I think I've whined enough to my OB that he agreed to set a date for induction. Pudge can come whenever he/she wants OR on Feb 16. Eleven days to go, friends!

And that's the news from Casa Kaufman, where the men have off-beat senses of humor, the women resemble pregnant T. Rexes, and the child is above average.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sam the giraffe

Sam likes to dress up. Last Halloween, his costume was a giraffe and the costume is still floating around the house. The other day, Sam saw it in the laundry and INSISTED he put it on (he also wanted to use it as his winter coat the next day).

He is too tall now to wear it normally now, so its a fancy hat and a long giraffe cape.
Oh, where's Sam???
"Dad, there is a nose up there"
"I'll grab it!"
Keep trying, SamGood job, kid; your mother and I are proud of you.

Monday, February 01, 2010

You know Jen is 37 weeks pregnant when...

...she sorts the Tums by her favorite color. If it's too dark, she asks me for a second opinion on whether it is a green or a yellow Tums.

...every little contraction is followed by a coaching session. "That's a good start, Pudge, but put a little more effort into the next one."

...if you ask how she is, she says, "I'm still pregnant, how do you THINK I am?"

...Sam's bedtime prayers always include, "help Pudge get here soon."

...she is too tired to blog herself, but still helpfully corrects my grammar and punctuation over my shoulder.

...she likes to say, "Yeah Joe, life is really hard for you right now, isn't it? I feel so bad for you."

Pudge, hurry up. You can't get here too soon.

Keys to the Blog

As you might have noticed, Jen has given me the ability to post to the blog unsupervised. I plan to keep the world up to date on Pudge's arrival. After that I don't know. Jen might insist I hand back the keys to the blog if I post about stuff like Howard Hill movies or USPSA matches.

Pudge is still refusing to make a debut, but Jen and I are ready whenever that happens. Until then I do have a picture from the last day of Duck Season so you don't go away from the blog empty-handed.