Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, April 30, 2010

Christina & Steve's baby shower

Feeling ambitious (perhaps overly ambitious), I thought it would be fun to throw a baby shower for Christina & Steve's baby, who will make his or her arrival in late May. Luckily, Mom Kaufman and Misty (Steve's cousin) agreed to help, which made the shower a huge success. My friend, Deanna, made some cute invitations and thank you cards and we were off and running. Let me say this: If you ever have to throw a baby shower, ask Misty to join you. She's super organized, creative and fun to work with. She came over one night to help make farm animal cupcakes for the shower. (The cupcakes were harder than they were supposed to be, but we had a good time).

A fun time was had by all. Christina looked like a beautiful pregnant woman and Amy & I both marveled at her lack of cankles. She got some awesome baby gear from the whole Kaufman clan, including a soft white blankie that I would love to snuggle with anytime. Several little Kaufmans stood by to help open presents. All the Kaufman aunts and cousins shared their bits of parenting advice (I listened closely, hoping to learn something!). My favorite advice I heard that day: If your kids see you fight, make sure they see you make up.

I took a million pictures, so I posted some of the highlights below.


Leah said...

Jen, you must share (PLEASE!!!) how you did those cupcakes. For Millie's birthday party in August (yes I realize that is way off), we are doing a farm theme and I've been struggling with the cupcakes....

Jen said...

I got the idea from Family Fun and I would be happy to mail you the recipe (there is a barn and silo to go with it, but we weren't that ambitious)!

Leah said...

AWESOME!!! THANKS!! email is