Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, April 12, 2010

the Kaufman-Eddy Parent/God-parent Co-op: Andie's baptism

Another child baptized by the Kaufman-Eddy Parent/Godparent Co-op.
I remember baptizing Noah about 4 years ago and how chaotic it seemed to keep one baby quiet and happy for an entire Mass. Now, as we sat in the front pew with our collective brood of FIVE children, that seemed like a vacation in Maui. We looked like a poster family for good fertile Catholics...or a three ring circus, I'm not sure which.

If you're ever in Lewiston and need a child baptized, Fr. Les does a great job. I love that the baptism is part of the liturgy and the whole Church family gets to welcome this new little member. It's really beautiful. He baptized the twins (and was a co-celebrant at Joe and my wedding almost 7 years ago). This postpartum mother was moved to tears several times during the baptism...when she wasn't distracted by the other 3 toddlers and preschooler we were collectively wrangling.
Amy & I managed to confuse most of our church family by wearing almost identical black dresses. Joe & Kevin also dressed like twins in matching black suits. What can I say? Great minds dress alike. :) I thought it made us look like professional parents and godparents (which we should be after our 5th baptism together).

Andie did wonderfully. We managed to squeeze her almost-13lb body into the same gown that I wore at my baptism 28 years ago. She looked so angelic. I was finally successful at getting a bow to stick to her head, a project I have devoted WAY too much time and energy to since she was born. She slept through most of the Mass and didn't even cry when the water was poured over her head. (She cries every time I bathe her. Maybe Fr. Les could come over for her nightly bath...maybe that would help).
All day long, she smelled sooo good. That chrism makes you never want to bathe her again, but inevitably, they spit up or have a blow out and all good smells must come to an end.

I think this may be the last baptism for the Kaufman-Eddy Parent/Godparent least for a good while. We have a pretty efficient system in place right now, but our hands are pretty full with keeping these 5 hooligans on the path to righteousness. Maybe once they are all potty-trained, sleep through the night, and can sit quietly throughout Mass, we'll consider accepting other candidates into our co-op.


Team Eddy said...

we're baby baptizing machines! weren't we trying to go for the "Baptize 4, get 1 Free" deal that the Vatican was offering? Love you guys :)

Laura said...

Andie looks so precious. Love the godparent co-op!

Amy said...

Do you think we should make ourselves business cards?

"Kaufman-Eddy" co-op:
Keeping hooligans on the path to righteousness since 2006

Randa said...

A little dab of vaseline makes bows stick wonderfully. Alayna is just getting enough hair to put an actual bow in it, so we are well practiced in this.