Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

slacker mom

It's true. Andie's become a victim of second child syndrome. Joe says I have a whole lot less of the new-mom-crazies than I did with Sam; I see myself as sort of a slacker mom.

It's different when you have two. I realized this the other day. Joe noticed Andie had been wearing the same sleeper for 3 days. Instead of cringing that I hadn't bathed her or changed her clothes in 3 days, I marveled that it had survived spit-up and blow-outs for that long. Whoo hoo! One less outfit to add to the omnipresent pile of laundry.

I was religious about not nursing Sam in bed. I didn't want to share my bed with a baby; I wanted to sleep! Sam was in his own room by 6 weeks old and I'd go nurse him in there unless it was a really, really hard night. Now, Andie sleeps with us for several hours a night. Her bassinet is in the hallway outside our room. I just can't muster up the energy to trek downstairs every 2 hours to nurse a hungry child. I go up and down those stairs enough in the daytime. (It's part of the diet).

I was a fanatic about tummy time. Sam regularly had tummy time every day for 10 minutes. I'd get down on the floor with him and talk to him while he cried...he hated it. Andie's tummy time is the nap she gets on her dad's chest every night. I'm hoping this won't be too detrimental to her developmental milestones; I don't want to have to 'fess up to the pediatrician that, yes, my baby gets almost zero tummy time because I'm afraid her brother will run over her in his daily activities.

Sam drinks endless chocolate milk and watches shameful amounts of TV while I nurse Andie.

And there you have it: the true confessions of this slacker mom.


Leah said...

I wouldn't say slacker.. I would say surviving mom! Sometimes reading your blogs tire me out! I can't imagine chasing a toddler and caring for a newborn....

Lacey said...

Try not to think of it as slacking....I like adapting (thats my excuse) to the challenges of a growing family.

Gus and Jen said...

Sounds a tad familiar.

Alison and Utah said...

Just make sure Andie doesn't get a flat head! My pseudo brother-in-law and his wife didn't even know what tummy time was until we spent two weeks with them over Christmas time. Their son was three months old then and had the flatest head I've ever seen! I told his mother that he was going to be made fun of in school if he didn't start working out!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Isn't it crazy? I had "What To Expect The First Year" open DAILY when my first-born was a baby. I carefully examined the "Should be/Might be" milestones carefully, holding my breath if she seemed a little behind on the "Might be"'s.

Baby #2 has so much less pressure! And, it turns out, better immunity to disease as a result of pacifiers that get dog hair blown off vs. sanitized in Clorox water and rinsed 3 times in pure spring water before returning to the child.

I still watch mothers of 4+ children with awe. (They watch me with amusement.)

It's been fun reading your blog posts, watching you roll with two!

Jen said...

Alison, thanks for the concern. The advantage of spending so much time being bounced and sleeping on her dad's chest is that she has a round (albeit lumpy from her birth) head. :). And...she still has most of her hair.

Erika said...

I was the same way with Caleb. Now, he's pushing his big brother around, trying to keep up with him running around, and seems to have a better immune system than Andrew ever had. So, I'm going to say being the slacker mom with #2 is actually good for them! I'm sure you won't let Andie become a lump on the floor because tummy time is a bit scary right now.

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