Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Babies' Day Out

After a crazy night (and crazy morning), we loaded up the kids into the Eddys' mini-van and headed to Gig Harbor. Joe & I were ready for a little downtime, so we plugged in the DVD player and relished the 45 minutes of sitting down in quiet. (The kids watched "Elmo Visits the Firehouse"...appropriate, given the night's events).
We joined the Gemmers at a parade in Gig Harbor, which was a great time for everyone...except Daisy, who was a little freaked out by any and all costumed characters.
The weather was beautiful and I was diligent about smearing sunscreen on any and all exposed body parts, even if they did not belong to me. Fortunately, Deanna didn't mind me rubbing sunscreen on her husband's arms too much. :)
This picture was submitted in the "Funniest" category by Deanna Gemmer

About halfway through the parade, we headed back to the Gemmer home for naps for the Middles. The guys moved picnic tables to get their yard party ready. And, then it was PARTY TIME!Darin & Deanna graciously hosted a joint birthday/graduation party for Daisy and Amy. (Invites said, "One's turning 3. One's getting her MD". That Deanna is so clever). A fun time was had by all. Oh, and here's some advice: If you throw a party, invite these people. Susie brought food. Dwight either held Andie or chased Sam the whole time. And, then they washed dishes at the end. Plus, they're just nice people, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

too funny, we will wait for our invites! We love kids, food, folks and fun! Love ya, Dwight and Susie