Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, July 18, 2010

confessions of a slacker mom: boys need bows, too

Here's my motto: Pick your battles.

After an insane amount of practice, energy, and research, I have mastered (oh, yes, mastered) the art of applying a KY bow to Andie's hair. I've tied hundreds of bows to slap on her cute little head every day. The other day while I was putting on her bow, the following exchange took place:

Sam: Sam bow, too! Sam bow, too!
Me: Bows are for girls.
Sam (tantrum): Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow! (You get the idea).
Me: Okay, okay.
Actually, I think he sort of looks pretty.


joven said...

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Alaina said...

I think he looks really cute :).

When I paint Natalie's fingers and toes Tristan gets so mad that he can't do it too. Tyler would freak out if I painted them though :).

Jen said...

Joe sort of freaks out about it, too, but again, I don't have the energy to say no all the time. My sister & I used to paint my dad's toenails when we were little. He'd take off his boots at the fire station & they'd all laugh at him, but what could he do? I think that's where my roots in bending gender roles comes from :).

Team Eddy said...

Noah and Amy always have matching pedicures.

Did you choose the names "Sam" and "Andie" bc you like to bend gender roles? :)

Rae said...

love the bow on the boy!!

i think one summer my dad and sister had matching pedicures...not a big deal at all. :) but funny.