Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Friday, July 16, 2010

exersaucer time

I was looking back through the blog and realized Sam was in an exersaucer at 3-4 months and I'd totally been slacking off with Andie and her developmental enrichment. So, when Mom was here, we dug the exersaucer out of the garage and hosed it down.
Andie thought it was okay and it's growing on her. She's kind of slow to adapt to change. Sam had a great time showing Andie all the cool toys on it, although he's a little bummed he can't get in it himself.

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The Farmer's Wife said...

That's SO typical of second child experiences....

I remember following the developmental milestones very closely and introducing appropriate experiences to my oldest, Maggie. By the time Angus hit our house, I considered it progress to use the book to prop him up in the high chair while I scraped together some cheerios for motor skills.

Andie is such a happy looking baby! And Sam is a great big brother...Love reading about their little adventures. Keep em coming!