Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finger painting

Some days, I feel inspired to really put my back into being a fun mom. So, one day last week after naps, we broke out the fingerpaints I bought in a moment of inspiration but have been too scared to actually use.

I gated off the kitchen, stripped Sam down, smocked him up, and fifteen minutes later we were ready to paint.
It was great fun. We used these fingerpaints that have a jelly like texture and were great to smear and layer.Five minutes later, we had painted 4 pictures and Sam was so over it. He was touching everything in sight, leaving a fingerpaint trail behind him.He started to throw a tantrum when I told him he had to sit by his picture until I could wipe his hands and began jumping up and down.

That's when I noticed he had paint on his feet, too.

Andie watched the chaos with silent amusement. "Really, Mom? You thought this would be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon? Really?"Thirty minutes later, the kitchen and kiddos were cleaned. Sam had a fabulous time spraying water on the floor and the paint wiped up very easily.

We hung our pictures on the cabinet to dry. Whenever Sam sees them, he says, "Sam paint, too?" which, I think, means he had a good time.

Still, I think I might get these paintings framed...because it'll be awhile before we fingerpaint again.


Deanna said...

Someone recommended we dye vanilla pudding with food coloring to use as fingerpaint, but all Daisy wanted to do was eat it. I think she lasted less than 5 minutes.

Way to go super mom!!!

Kaelene Reel said...

You are a braver mom then I. I LOATH paints and play-doh. It was a treat for Caiti to go to daycare and they did all those fun things. I think I'd end up having an anxiety attack.
Kudos to you!!

Lacey said...

Definitly frame them!!! What a great reminder of your fun day. I keep one of each of the kids paintings framed in the living room and replace them about twice a year (about as often as I let them paint).