Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, July 12, 2010

the Sandman Chronicles: the baby that ate Manhattan

My friend, Colette, swears by this sleep suit. Her baby is the same age as Andie and sleeps like a champ. She (and I agree) also loves the puffed-up appearance it gives babies. When she heard about our sleeping woes, she kindly ordered the next size up and sent it to us for a trial. It was a very, very thoughtful thing to do because I was not excited about forking over $40 to try something that might not work.

(Joe asked me what I felt a reasonable price was to guarantee sleep. Guarantee sleep?? $1500...without batting an eye. Maybe more. That price used to be higher a few months ago. But, I still cringe at $40 for a gamble).

So, we tried the sleepsuit.

She slept the exact same as before, waking about every 3 hours.

So, we went back to our old routine and she's been sleeping better. The other night, I fed her at 11:45pm and 4:15am. Then, she slept until 7:45am. Maybe the luck rubbed off.

Thanks for helping us in our journey toward better sleep!!


The Farmer's Wife said...

We used a sleep sack with Maggie, because she was FAMOUS for kicking off the blankets, getting cold, waking up and squalling. Angus? Not at all; I think he was tougher and slept a little quieter, so the blankets stayed on.

You take pictures at the funniest angles, that make me laugh! Your kids are beautiful, and I can't wait to meet them this fall. (When Anne told me you were coming, I think I actually squealed....)

Rae said...

why does this baby suit remind me of the stay-pufft marshmallow man? (from ghostbusters?) a miracle baby sleep product *would* be so very nice...