Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, July 05, 2010

Third of July

Idaho Falls doesn't celebrate the 4th of July if the 4th happens to fall on a Sunday, so the big town celebration fell on Saturday, the 3rd this year. We walked down the street and scored a prime spot on the parade route. It's nice that we live just two blocks away from the parade route; Joe could run back and grab some blankets and coffee for the frigid July weather!
Sam got a flag right off the bat and pretty stoked about that. I noticed the flags no longer sport a pointy end like they did when we were move. As a mother, I appreciate this change. Andie's eyes also appreciate this change.
He also whipped out his kazoo from our Seattle parade. Plus, he and Joe tried their skills at beating off other kids for candy...not so successful. Finally, I handed Andie off to Joe so I could show these amateurs how it's done. I shamelessly yelled, "Candy! Candy!" and waved like a maniac so my kid could load up. (I learned these skills from the one and only Deanna Gemmer. They work. We got a lot more candy than last year). Here's Sam sampling a WarHead. (For the record, I warned him he wouldn't like it.)
Then, it was home for naps. After naps, we joined the festivities on the, music, balloons!, and dancing (more on that later). No fireworks for this crew, though. Bedtime comes too early for us. And, this writer HATES fireworks for the havoc they wreak on my dogs' psyche. Seriously, Doc needs Valium. But, he doesn't have Valium, so I'm up with him until 2 am.

And, since the portion of IF that's not Mormon decided to also have a fireworks (albeit smaller) display on the actual 4th, we had 2 sleepless nights.

It's not really that I hate the Fourth. It's not that I'm not patriotic.

I just really like my sleep.

And, I don't get enough of it these days.

The end.


Deanna said...

Glad I could give you a good candy collecting method. Last year at the GH parade they tossed out loads of candy so I wonder if the organizers told them they couldn't toss this year. So this mama had to get serious or her kids (and by proxy, me) were gonna get skipped!!!

mandy said...

Sorry I'm a little late with this comment, but for next year: Dakota has the same problem with in, major problems (that and Thunderstorms are her Kryptonite). We had been giving her Alprazolam and it really didn't do any good at all--this year we switched to Acepromazine and it made a HUGE difference! She still got all worked up when the fireworks shows kicked off all around us for 30 minutes or so, but it kept her much, much calmer the rest of the time.

Anyway, love the pics (especially the warhead)! Glad you guys had a good fourth (or as we called it up here, the third and a half). ;o)

mandy said...

P.S. - There's a portion of IF that's not Mormon?!? ;o)