Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Monday, August 30, 2010

Warning: this post is about nursing.
Giving a baby a boob.

If this freaks you out, you probably want to check back another time.

I debated about posting these pictures on my blog. Ultimately, though, I decided to go for it. A good chunk of my life is spent in this activity. My friend, Deanna, shot some pictures of me nursing Andie as a newborn on a whim and said, "I don't know how you feel about nursing pictures. But, I figure, it's part of life." I agree. Maybe if we all grew up around more images of mothers nursing their babies, there'd be a whole lot less of swiveling heads at the mall every time I popped a boob out to feed a baby.

Okay. Off my soap box.

Joe shot these pictures of Andie and me at our river-side picnic this weekend. There is nothing sweeter than a happy, nursing baby, holding my hand and giving me a sleepy smile every now and then.

It's peaceful. Centering.

And, we all know how I said I'd never go through pregnancy again. That Andie is our last baby., I don't know if that's true. But, in the case that it MIGHT be true, I am really, really treasuring moments like these.Sweet baby.


Becca said...

I am a huge fan of breastfeeding, as well. And, for the most part, it's gone smoothly. Although I think my nephew really gets the biggest kick out of it. He loves that he can say "breast" and "breastmilk" and "breastfeeding" without getting in trouble, so he works all three of them into almost every sentence :)

The Chase Family said...

Jen its so wonderful to know you feel this way about breastfeeding! And those pictures are yours to treasure! One of my good friends here who happens to be hispanic, had her mom come and visit. Her mother happens to the mother of 13 children! She breastfed every single one! And she came to our house for dinner last year while I was nursing Abigail. She is orginally from Mexico, and she just kept staring at me! After a few minutes, she apologized and simply said "I am sorry, but I didn't think American women breastfed." So sad. Even my friend, her own daughter, chose to formula feed because she thought it was "too wierd". Your babies will thankyou later!!!

snapshots said...

Beautiful pictures, Jen :) Breastfeeding is calming and centering and I love it. Tim just likes to say "boob juice" and get away with saying boob :)

Kaelene Reel said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Jen. I only nursed Caitrin. I soo regret not doing it with the other two. Kudos to you.

Jen said...

I love nursing but I remember how bittersweetly free I felt when Sam weaned himself. I know this will be over all too soon...but some nights, I wish she were more of a bottle fan. :)

Sam's a big fan of nursing, too. He nurses random stuffed animals and "pumps [his] boobies" on a regular basis. :)

Deanna said...

Beautiful shots Jen. I never thought I would be such a big fan of breastfeeding but I really am. It was (and still is, yes Dani is still getting a boob in the morning) such a wonderful experience for me and my babies and I want as many women as are able to get to experience it. Glad it's been good for you!

Amy said...

Sweet pictures. I love how nursing gives you that special one-on-one time...forces you to slow down and just be present with your baby.

picinichml said...

you can be the poster mom for breast feeding. Awesome shots!