Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Sunday, September 12, 2010

confessions of a slacker mom

Peace. Solitude. Quiet.

Rare experiences in the life of this slacker mom. And, as much as love my two loud, crazy kids (yes, BOTH are loud. Andie is going through a yelling phase. More on that later), sometimes I just want a little alone time.

So, this weekend I went to McCall for a GI myself.

That means I got two sleep for two myself.
I read a myself.
I watched myself.
I got a 90 minute myself.
I hung out with some other conference attendees and drank wine until the wee hours of morning (ok, ok...11pm, but that's pretty late for me) because I only had to worry about myself.

I ate grown-up food, took a leisurely bath, tweezed my eyebrows and listened to audio books during the drive.

It was glorious...but it got old after about 36 hours. I missed my loud babies, my wonderful husband, and the cogs.

I missed them so much I told Joe I'd take night shift my first night myself.


Gus and Jen said...

Inaccurate title to your post. You deserve sometime by yourself times 10

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Joseph for taking care of the loud babies so you can have your "by myself" experience. Glad you had a great time, Juni. Love, mom

Jeppesens said...

Sounds like a nice get a way for you. You sure deserve it!! I was sad to hear you are moving. What spurred the move? Good luck with it all.

Amy said...

Way to go slacker mom. I am enjoying 5 minutes of "by myself" time reading blogs. :)