Finding calm in the chaos

Finding calm in the chaos

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Andie

Dear Andie,
You are 7 months old and your babyhood is flying by. There just aren't enough posts on this blog devoted solely to you and your mama is trying to do better. Soon, your babyhood will be a fuzzy memory as I chase after your busy crawling self, so I need to jot down your new developments--both the wonderful and the scary.
  • Wonderful: You still love to nurse and I love this, too. (Although you are so, so distracted it's a wonder we accomplish this at all in the daytime). But, with me being at work 4 days a week, we had to add some formula. Soy seemed to help, but you especially like this fancy Nutramigen formula. At $25/can, I'm wondering if we'll have any money left for your college fund, but you seem to be happier and sleep better on it...and that's priceless!
  • Wonderful: You are finally, FINALLY sleeping better. The last week after cutting your first tooth, you've been waking up only twice at night. That gives Daddy and me each a turn at getting up with you and we're both enjoying more sleep.
  • Wonderful: You are so happy to be with your brother and to watch his craziness. You get a big grin (you have such a great grin) whenever you watch him. He loves you, too. Last weekend, you were tired and sad while I was gone and Sam got down on the floor with you, rubbed your back, and said, "Ok, Andie. Mommy soon. Mommy soon". [Dad had been telling him I'd be back from McCall soon].
  • Wonderful: We're on to finger foods and sippy cups. Whatever you lack in motor skills, you make up for in enthusiasm and effort!
  • Wonderful: You give the best kisses and giggle after. They are sloppy, opened mouth, drooly kisses and I love 'em.
  • Wonderful...and a little scary: You've found your voice. It's great to hear you laugh and coo, but most of the time you yell. YELL. LOUDLY. Like Uncle Kevin, who is a Loud Talker. Louder than Sam. I guess you have to have some volume to be heard above the chaos at our house, but are the loudest baby I have ever heard. Maybe you'll be an auctioneer when you grow up...or a swim coach.
  • Scary: You are mobile. I've been looking forward to you being able to sit up and play in one spot, but you've sailed right through this milestone. You're a little wobbly while sitting, but can roll quite proficiently to track down whatever shiny new thing you have your eye on. And today, Daddy and I caught you trying to crawl. Stop it. Seriously. You're only a baby.
Love you, my Pudge-girl. You are still the best surprise of my life.



Amy said...

Both of your kids have great grins....because they have such giant mouths.

Is she seriously louder than Sam? I think we need a video to prove it.

Anonymous said...

lala said.. precious picture of Andie,Juni. I am with Amy, we need to hear Andie's voice. Can't wait to see you all at Halloween! The first time all the grandkids will be together on Halloween!